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Can you tell it is the SLOW time of the year?

But that doesn’t mean I stop shooting COMPLETELY.  I am just shooting a lot of things for FUN!  So the other day I decided I wanted to do some off-camera flash work in the bright sun.  This is a bit harder since your flash has to work extra hard to over-power the sun.  And who is always my subject during the day?  That’s right…Mr. Mosby himself… 🙂

Flash at 1/2 power on Manual (shooting through a white umbrella to soften the light a bit), ISO 100, 1/160 shutter speed, f11 aperture.  The goal was to make it look like natural light, even though the sun was not the source of light.
(In this first shot, you can see the flash reflected in the woodwork a bit behind him)

Next up — I will be posting images from our friend Mark’s surprise 30th birthday party.  I brought along the good gear for that shindig thanks to the biggest SURPRISE part of the night!

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