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Lila has been a big sister for less than 2-weeks, but she’s pretty good at it already! ¬†Not to mention she was having all sorts of fun daddy-time while he was home on paternity leave… ūüôā ¬†Theo was so CHILL, and awake for a lot of this session. ¬†I love that hint of red in his hair, and the way his tiny newborn face reminds me of his big sister! ¬†I’m thrilled that he’s on the First Year program, because that means I get to see this family more of the next 12-months. ¬†Congratulations all!


I absolutely ADORE photographing Seniors. ¬†It’s this fun stage that is full of anticipation/promise, & their personalities just shine in photos. ¬†Valerie was incredibly fun to photograph, and how crazy is it that her MOM and I have known each other since we were kids?! ¬†Valerie has such natural grace, she made my job easy. ¬†When the sky suddenly opened-up with tons of rain? ¬†No sweat, she was ready to jump out into the field! ¬†But it quickly passed through and we were able to finish the session on a dry note… ūüôā ¬†Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Senior year — it was a total blast!


How are these kids getting so…so…BIG?! ¬†Wasn’t Chase a toddler and Caroline a baby not too long ago? ¬†And Baby Nate…or not-so-baby Nate. ¬†He’s a walkin’ talkin’ machine these days! ¬†Brandon is catching up to me in height too. ¬†I can barely wrap my brain around it. ¬†But I’m¬†thrilled that this family called for a Summer session! ¬†They were blessed with a great day for photos, even a mild breeze. ¬†Not too common for July in KS! ¬†I kept so many images that just made me smile. ¬†With a crew this size, there is bound to be SOMEBODY making a silly face at any given moment! ūüôā


The last time I saw this family, we were capturing the pregnancy-announcement images…and now several months later, meet Baker! ¬†He’s got this amazing chins, and was pretty darn content the entire time we were outdoors. ¬†Brother and sister were so patient, and even agreed to hold him for an image or two. ¬†I love that! ¬†Of course there were fruit-snacks waiting for after… ūüôā ¬†Congratulations to this beautiful family. ¬†I’m so happy for you all!


This little ball of energy brought her A-GAME to 18-month photos…what usually can be the witching hour, turned out to be dancing, running, laughing and having fun! ¬†I love when that happens… ūüôā ¬†Jaclyn was on my First Year Program, and I’m so excited that I got to see her for 18-mo (and just a bit in the future, 2-year!). ¬†Mom & Dad wanted the images to mostly be focused on her, so that’s just what we did. ¬†Those blue eyes are going to get them in TROUBLE!


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