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Now that Kauffman is no longer allowing professional photography on the grounds, it was so great to get in there one last time with this gorgeous family.  Caroline is TWO now, and it’s so hard to believe that the last time I saw her she was one!  She loved the kitty she saw there, and we discovered singing “Wheels on the Bus” was a huge success.  Perhaps Amy & I should go on tour for a kids-circuit of performing?:) Anyways…it was a perfect morning, and Caroline is sweet as ever!

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I remember meeting Miss Ainsly as a newborn — here is that session — and seeing her as an energetic FIVE YEAR OLD just makes me so darn happy.  She’s all about nature and bugs, curious about everything, and can run like the wind.  Not to mention those bouncing blonde curls, and mischievous twinkle in her eye…she’s just an amazing little girl that I’ve had the privilege of knowing since birth.  What an incredible job I have!

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Four months…already…and Simon continues to look so much like his big sister I feel like I’m having some deja vu!  Morning sessions are just lovely; the light, the lack of stifling heat…:) Elyse was promised some playground-time if she cooperated, and she did a great job.  Talk about earning those slide-trips!  I cannot wait to see Simon again at 8-months, and I hope those amazing thighs are still just as chubby!

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The last time I saw this family, Hailey was little…and now in the blink of an eye she’s TWO!  And of course, doing exactly what she would like to do…:) Ashley might have had a little fear when it came to bugs, but luckily she rallied and brought the big smiles.  It’s so fun to watch these two grow before my eyes, and to see they are still as close as ever…

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Well, I’ve photographed my final wedding for the foreseeable future, and what an excellent day it truly was!  I’ve known this family for so many years…and photographed Jenny’s two older sisters’ weddings as well.  In fact, Jane (Mother) even offered to adopt me into their family — what a complete honor!:)

Jenny and Cory had a perfect day planned to really focus on family & friends.  While the forecast said it would rain all week, the sun decided to win that battle and shine upon their beautiful outdoor venue.  Fresh Air Farm is a magical location, and Jenny styled it perfectly!  Cory stepped out of the car at the location that morning and just BEAMED, telling me how excited he was.  Jenny was only a little nervous about the weather, but relaxed and enjoyed all of the little components falling into place.  Dave (Dad) was the officiant which meant lots of laughs, and the party was hoppin’ well into the night.  I couldn’t be happier for Jenny & Cory, and I’m so excited to share their wedding day with you all!

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