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Adorable, happy, smiley…those are just a few of the words I’d use to describe Beckett.  At his 6-month session he was ready to sit on his own (lots of practice!) and grin for the camera!  With the help of Tiger, his favorite stuffed-friend he did a fantastic job.  We changed his clothes, we turned on a bubble machine, and he was infatuated with the grass!  It was a lot of fun, as it always is with this family.  I look forward to their next session…if only we could freeze time at this age though?:)

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When you work with clients who live out of town, you always hope that you will get to see them again during a KS-visit.  And that is just what happened with Amanda & Nate!  They were back with their sweet twin-boys to celebrate 1-year, and made time in their crazy-schedule to see me for photos…how amazing is that?!  We met early in the morning, and these two had a totally different outlook on “photo-time”.  Smiles on one side, avoidance on the other.  But it was so darn cute!  And I couldn’t be happier for this family…:)

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I may not be photographing weddings anymore, but when Jayne called me to be a part of her son’s wedding…I had to say YES.  I’ve photographed both of her kiddos’ senior images, and the ceremony was going to be held in her beautiful yard.  Perfection!  Jhesica is incredibly sweet, not to mention stunning…and Jack couldn’t help his giant smile just looking at his bride.  I may have only been there a couple of hours, but it was an amazing treasure to be a part of their special day.  And how lovely is this property?!

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Toddlers can be unpredictable sometimes — especially when their worlds have had a “change”.  But Wyatt was seriously one of the sweetest I have ever seen.  He may be 2, but he was tender as could be with baby brother Everett!  His giggle is the BEST, and I have a feeling Everett is going to really look up to his big brother soon.  Everett was so laid-back, just taking it all in as we photographed the family.  It was a perfect session, and I couldn’t wait to share the images!

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This day happened to be Presley’s 2nd birthday…and her twin brother & sister are 6-months old!  So it was a celebratory morning for everyone…:)
Presley was talking up a storm, and has some incredible expressions.  Colton was obsessed with the cars driving by, so it took my loudest animal-sounds to capture that attention!  Jillian just has this sweet/big smile that lights up a room.  So many littles, and so much LOVE…

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