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I absolutely love shooting in new spaces…and Lori had the idea to shoot in their new neighborhood on a lake!  There were plenty of trees, creek-crossings, and lovely color everywhere.  Not to mention the most wonderful light… 🙂  So we just walked and stopped at all of the various locations and captured some GREAT images of this family.  It’s always fun to see them — even if it had been a LONG time — and the kiddos rocked the chilly temps!  I do believe my reflector is on the ground there somewhere, so maybe they’ll find it the next time they take a walk together… 🙂

BRRRRR it was a very cold afternoon for this session — but again, the whole family pushed through and did amazing!  Baker has the same amazing hair his big brother did at that age, and Ava brought along a dinosaur that somehow snuck into several of the images… 🙂  There were lots of hilarious outtakes from their photos, because these kiddos have the most expressive faces!  It was a blast, and I love seeing them each year.  Enjoy!

Last year at this time, I was photographing Ethan’s Senior photos on their home property.  This Fall, it was time for the whole family to be in front of the camera, and I just knew it was going to be an awesome time!  Everyone is incredibly welcoming, and this family just has a lot of FUN together.  It made my job such a blast!  We walked all over the land, and I have to hand it to 4-week-old Isabelle for doing AMAZING in the cold.  I’m sure all the family snuggles made it all worth it… 🙂

On this particular afternoon — the third family on the roster are some of my FAVORITE people to see each year!  Both of these little girls were on my First Year Program, and every year I marvel at how much they have grown up.  Courtney is loving dance, and I can see it in the little ways she places her feet when getting into a photo spot…and Molly powered through a COLD to break out smiles and laugh!  Such a great pair of sisters — I just love seeing that special connection.  Thank you so much for allowing me another year of documenting your crew!

It might have been chilly…even rained a little before we began…but this family toughed it out and did AMAZING!  This was my first time working with them, and it was a blast.  Mom was prepared with Skittles for Avi, and little Jolie has the best smiles when her Daddy talks to her!  They coordinated with their friends and brought some props for a handful of the photos, and then we explored this new spot near the creek and over a bridge.  TONS of great images…I cannot wait for them to see!

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