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Allison | 6-Month Session

My last session pre-baby was this past Sunday — and what an excellent one to end on!  Allison (Allie!) was happy, and full of smiles.  It is amazing how much she’d changed since I last saw her as a newborn…wow!  It was a perfect set of photos to send me off into “mommy-mode”, and I cannot wait to see her again at 1-year old.

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


Momcierge KC | a new business in town!

As an expecting-Mother myself, I can attest that baby products can be completely overwhelming.  When you walk into any baby store there are floor-to-ceiling racks of bottles, bibs, toys, car seats and strollers…it’s just so much!  My great friend Jen wished that there was someone who could be her guide when she went through this (2 kids ago)…but it just did not exist.  Well guess what, now it does!  Jen has started her own company called MOMCIERGE, and here is an excerpt from her blog explaining what she is offering:

Momcierge is a one-stop concierge service tailored for Kansas City moms. For expectant moms we would love to be that positive neutral voice who can help you as you make many decisions. From finding an OBGYN to creating a personalized baby registry we will listen to your needs and take as much of the tedious research off your plate so you are left with fun and simplified decisions. For new mom’s, once your bundle is with you, your needs will vary and we can help ease some of the stress associated with bringing a new baby home. And lastly for established moms we would love to take something off of your very full plate allowing you the time and energy to be the mom you want to be.

Here is her website where you can learn more about her services:  http://www.momciergekc.com/
If you know a Mom who could use some assistance, please share Momcierge

Here are some of the images we captured on a CHILLY afternoon for her website…I could not be more excited for her new venture!


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