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Wasn’t it just a couple months ago that I was photographing this little ones NEWBORN session?!  I can hardly believe it — Addi is now ONE!  And her Mom & Dad are back in town for the Holidays which meant photo-time…:)
Those blue eyes can capture your heart in a flash, and her toothy grin (all 15 of them!) just melts me.  Happy Birthday to you sweet girl!

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Sweet baby girl, Miss Elise.  You came to this session with some of the best attire I’ve seen — but even BETTER is your smile.  And the love that is 100% visible from your Mom & Dad.  THAT is the reason I love photography…capturing the family and their snuggles and kisses along with your adorable face.  Your First Year program is complete, which I cannot believe…but it’s been amazing!

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Sweet sweet Maeve — I remember her newborn session like it was yesterday.  I was close to meeting my OWN little girl, & these two are just some of the greatest people I know.  It was an awesome experience to see them, and talk to them that day — and each session ever since has brought more of the same.  Maeve is a mover, and she even has this cute way of walk/crawling on her knees that absolutely cracks me UP!  And her outfits?  Perfection…:) It’s been a lovely First Year, and I hope to see them all again soon!

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I love when I am able to use spaces that are significant to my clients — and when Sarah suggested using their downtown loft, it was perfect!  The day was VERY cold to say the least, but these two were ready to brave the elements on occasion for these images.  Thanks guys!  Sarah and I go back many years, and I couldn’t be happier for her and Jeff.  They aren’t sure if this is a boy or a girl, but either way it will be incredibly LOVED!:)

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It’s so amazing how much the year 2014 has changed my close-group of friends — it is the year most everyone had their first baby!  And in Joel & Kristen’s case, BABIES.  I will never forget the day we stopped by their home to visit, and Kristen rolls this giant double-stroller out of the garage.  It took 30-seconds for me to register WHY, and it was the best surprise I’ve heard.  They are kickin’ butt over there with the parenting-gig (after a long NICU stay) and I could not be happier for them.  So let’s meet Otto (the bigger guy!) & Ray!

Hats made by me…I just HAD to!:)

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