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I think that the award for toughest-8-mo-old needs to go to Ryder.  The temps were in the lower-40’s, but the weather isn’t getting any BETTER looking into December!  We captured the last of the leaves, and both Ryder & Remi were absolutely wonderful out in the chilly air.  This crew is one of my absolute favorites, and to know that we only have one more session in Ryder’s First Year is so bittersweet!  I want to see them every few months…all the time… 🙂  Thanks for proceeding with your session guys, it’s a fave of all time for me!


The last time I worked with Paula & Scott was their wedding day — FIVE years ago!  But now that they have returned to KS, I am so excited they contacted me to capture their two adorable kiddos! It might have been a little chilly outside, but Adam and Julie did AMAZING.  Did I mention they had been in the car all day to road-trip back?  Yeah, they had.  Amazing if you ask me!  I had so much fun with the whole crew, so let’s get to those images… 🙂


It was cold…and super-windy…but this crew wanted to power-through and have our session as-planned before the Holiday!  So I’m always game, and I managed to chase Miss Jaclyn all over the museum.  She didn’t really seem to notice the cold much, but does NOT want to be held.  Running is her game, and chase!  We were all on our toes to catch that little one… 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving everybody, it’s officially vacation time!


The first time I met this pair, was well before their wedding — and now, they have sweet little Brody in their lives and he’s almost ONE!  Alysha had all sorts of fun props that she wanted to include for the images…and Brody was up for all of it.  Crawling is his favorite, and he loved the leaves, balloons and CAKE.  Well, after a little extra convincing from his momma… 🙂  It was a gorgeous day for images, and I cannot wait for share them with this family!


It’s hard to believe, but 10 years ago I was the photographer at this couples’ wedding!  Yet as I walked up to meet them for their session, they hadn’t changed much at all…and it was like seeing a great friend that’s just been away for a little while.  How FUN to spend some time with them, and catch-up on all of the happenings for Laura & Andrew!  They brought along their coffee/chai lattes, and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Liberty Memorial.  Thank you BOTH for asking me to capture your love again…it was absolutely a pleasure!  THUMBS-UP — right Andrew? 🙂


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