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Sweet sweet boys — I think my heart exploded more than once while I was photographing these adorable faces last week. It may have been raining, but thanks to a few spurts of parted-clouds and two happy 6-month-olds I adore…it was a great success!  Ray (yellow shirt) is such a charmer with his big smiles, and Otto (blue shirt) is definitely a wheels-turnin thinker. Their personalities are really starting to show! It’s a blast seeing my best friends as parents too…:)

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We had walked as far from the cars as we wanted to go — and wouldn’t you know it, the skies opened up and DRENCHED US!  We had no idea it was even a possibility, but luckily we had photographed MOST of the images in their session.  These tiny little baby twins have grown into active 18-month old toddlers, and I can hardly believe my eyes as they were running around the grassy field.  Where did the time go?!  Ava still reached for my hand to walk to different spots, which melts my heart every time.  I love this family!


Where do I begin — perhaps I should start MONTHS ago when Kristeena came up with this amazing idea for her kiddos and their cousins.  What if we let them just play in the mud?  It will be messy, but how much fun would that be?  Answer:  A LOT!!  It’s funny how everyone started off very tentative about it (except Cade…he was covered in no time) but after awhile EVERYONE had some mud on their faces!  Jeans were caked in mud, hair was matted down, and everyone was “drawing” on one another.  It was epic, and so much FUN!  Let’s do more like this, right?:)

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When I arrived for Jaclyn’s 4-month session, I was not surprised at ALL to see an animal-print tutu-skirt and gold sparkles!  This girl has some fancy attire, but I WAS surprised to learn that her Grandma had actually MADE IT!  Her “Born to Sparkle” onesie is adorable, and she is just the happiest little one.  I cannot believe the next time I see her she will be sitting up on her own!

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It seems like just yesterday I was photographing Tripp as a NEWBORN, and now he’s a big brother who is FOUR.  These kiddos were amazing for their photos, and at the end of our session I broke-out the bubble machine as a fun little treat!  I love how much Reese admires her big brother, and he in turn is the sweetest to her.  We ran around, had lots of tickles, and captured some really fun images for them to treasure.  I love this!

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