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Raise your hand if you are so ready for this frigid cold to go away?  Everyone?  Ok, that’s what I thought!:)
When it’s super-cold outside, we journey to Union Station for indoor images of little ones — and Emrie rocked it!  She has so many expressions, and this amazing smile.  Her blue eyes are stunning, and we had so much fun taking photos!  I cannot wait to see her again at 1-year…


The thing with photographing little ones, is you never know what you are going to get.  In the moments before we began this session with family photos, Carson & Harper came around opposing corners and had a head-on collision!  There were tears, and worry, but later we laughed that you can be as prepared as you’d like…but the kids will be kids!  Lucky for us they rallied so well, and we began the photos.  So crazy!  Lennon is just a happy little baby, who loves to watch her big brother and sister run & play.  It will not be long until she can join in on their fun!  But in the meantime, she loves being worn by her momma, and lots of snuggles.

Click here to view a slideshow of my favorite images! (I’m having some server issues with my slideshows…hoping to fix this shortly!)


I love when Mother Nature knows my schedule — and how much I wanted to be outdoors for this little guys 8-month session!  He fits right in with the outdoors, and was SURE that leaves were some kind of snack…:) It’s amazing how much that smile can make your heart burst!  Next time I see him it’ll be his 1-year, but that is waaaaay down the line…right?

Click here to view a slideshow of my favorites!


It’s a………..BOY!  These two welcomed an adorable little guy into their lives, and I couldn’t be happier for them.  Noah had a little Bronco-beanie (which his Dad happened to love) and a KU-blanket made by a talented friend…no sign of purple/KSU but I understand.:) I look forward to all of the coming months that I get to document Noah’s changing sweet face.  How lucky am I!

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I can hardly believe it — but Vera has reached the 4th month of life!  I seriously just blinked and it was here…and those gorgeous eyes of hers are enchanting.  Big brother is still willing to give kisses and tickles (for just a quick instant), and you can tell that Vera is just waiting until she can keep up with his energy!  Looking forward to the 8-month session when we can take everyone outside and see Vera sitting up on her own!  Enjoy:)

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