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Sunday threatened rain all day long, but we decided to push forward with Ashlyn’s senior session…and I’m so glad we did!  There was wind, but I absolutely love the way that that it added so much movement to her hair.  I also broke out some lighting to add my own “sun” to the evening!  Graduation is just around the corner for this amazing girl, and I know the future has so much in store for her.  I cannot wait to see!

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Although their wedding seems like a year ago, it’s actually been FIVE years!  And to think, there are now two little ones in their life…well it truly is amazing.  James is already such a great little brother, always pointing-out where the baby is…adorable.  Sweet little Lila was a total dream to work with!  So relaxed, and ready to sleep in the cozy baskets while her brother plays with trains nearby.  Such a lovely blessing, and I look forward to the First Year with all of them!

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