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Wasn’t I just documenting little Simon as a baby?  No?  It’s been over 18-months since then?!  He’s an adorable toddler who loves a special treat of donuts on photo-day! 🙂
Both of these kids have a special place in my heart.  I’ve watched them grow and change into these amazing little people, and I admire their parents for all that they do.  Did I mention bringing two littles to KSU football games on the regular?  It’s amazing! 🙂


We were planning on the Sunflower field — then seeing them open on a Holiday weekend led to all sorts of craziness that just wasn’t worth the battle!  I’m so glad we were all on the same page, and instead had a lovely & calm morning in a field to ourselves.  Piper is always a joy to see each year, and I adore her big smile and giggles.  This year there were some spaces in that smile, and it was just so FUN!  We played on the horse jumps, walked in the trees, and managed to capture some family photos while we were at it.  Thank you all for being some of my favorite people year after year! 🙂


After virtually “walking” around Longview Lake via Google maps, I spotted this neat little location that I just knew would have excellent morning light.  Not to mention this was for some of my favorite people, who trust me completely!  I’m the luckiest…ever… 🙂  Evie is officially 1 year old, and her sweet smile is just wonderful to photograph.  Add in a balloon with a fun chair, and this running little girl was thrilled!  How has a year gone by already?


Ah Hazel — you have some of the best expressions EVER!  I still cannot believe that you’ve reached 1-year-old status…surely there’s been some sort of mistake?!  I adore seeing this family, and they are doing an amazing job with this girl.  She’s amazing, and I just know she is destined to do great things… 🙂  Happy Birthday Hazel!


18-months…yes, Georgia is officially 18-months old.  She’s the third little girl in this family that I’ve had the honor of documenting through the First Year (& beyond).  And I’m pretty sure she’s the snuggliest of them all when it comes to Mom & Dad!  We met in the early morning next to Lawrence’s library, and it was such a neat place to work with!  Lots of neat lines, steps (which Georgia loves), and even a grasshopper that almost lost his life at the hands of this curious toddler… 🙂  It was a wonderful shoot, and I think it’s pretty neat that she had one session where it was just her and her parents.  Sometimes, it’s good to be the littlest kiddo!


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