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The last time I was photographing this family on their land, Piper was just a wee-little thing — and now she’s FIVE!  And for some reason the weather decided to be cold AND windy on this particular morning (oh, and some drizzle too).  But Piper is one tough cookie, and she had giggles and smiles throughout the whole session.  And what better way to end cold photos then to enjoy some hot cocoa with Mom and Dad in the warm house?  :)

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I remember the first time I walked into this home — when these two were assigned the titles of “Mom” & “Dad”.  And then I returned a few more times as their first baby girl grew up, and they brought home a second.  So it is bittersweet for sure to hear that it is time to move on to a new house — but I am more excited to see what is in store for this great family.  They are more than just clients, they are friends.  And Tara has been SO GREAT in her support for me as I took on that big title too!  I appreciate you guys, and love you so much.  Cannot wait for the next shoot, and for your next house to become a home!

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The first baby of the new year is the adorable Miss Jaclyn.  I remember her Mom & Dad’s wedding day so clear…and it’s even more exciting to see them open their hearts to a sweet girl with cheeks for days.  If her nursery is any indication, this girl is going to love PINK!  Congratulations Lindsey and Cameron — she is amazing and I cannot wait to document her first year!

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Some sessions run so well, that they feel like a dream.  The toddler-siblings smile, and take direction — the newborn baby sleeps the whole time — it’s almost like a shooting star it’s so RARE.  But it DOES happen, and DID happen with this sweet family that I’ve been photographing for years!  Harrison is such a big guy now (and gave me a wonderful tour of his new toys) and Penelope just adores/follows her big brother no matter what.  Evelyn is the newest member of the crew, and she is so loved!  Her siblings already treat her so well…I cannot wait to capture her First Year!

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When my best friend is in town, I always love to get a few photos in of her sweet little ones.  Well this particular morning, sweet Eleanor had the full spotlight!  And while she wasn’t too sure about me at first, eventually I won her over and captured a few grins!  She is a serious girl, and you can just tell she is taking everything in and analyzing the world around her.  Those eyes are incredible!

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