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It wasn’t until her Mom said the words “10 years” that it really clicked for me.  I’ve been photographing Madison for TEN YEARS?!  I have to admit I was blown away when I saw her on the day of her photos…three years is a lot of growing up when you’re a high schooler, and this rockin’ haircut is incredible.  Madison is intelligent, funny, and obviously beautiful.  I wish her only the best for her Senior year, and I cannot wait to see what she does as she starts her journey into adulthood!

Here is a link to her slideshow of favorites!


It is so much fun when you have a history with your clients…and Jenny has a history with me of many years!  Both of her older sisters were photographed by me (weddings/engagements/kids), and her whole family as well.  So when she called to say she was engaged I literally jumped out of my chair in excitement!  Meeting Cory I can see his relaxed demeanor is a perfect fit for Jenny…and they way they laugh a LOT is super fun to witness.  We had a blast in Lawrence, and they were willing to do all sorts of funny things for me.  Love them!

Here is a slideshow of my favorites from their session


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The last time I saw this family…the boys were LITTLE.  In fact, I believe Charlie was the same age that his little brothers are now!  They are full of energy, and just all around boys who love to wrestle, run, climb and laugh.  It was a blast following them (well, RUNNING after them more like it!) and just catching them in the frame.  The image of Dad at the end is my favorite…it truly represents having your hands full!

Enjoy my favorites in a slideshow here!


Ah the Sunflowers — Jess told me last YEAR that she wanted to be sure we made it out to this field during it’s one-week of beauty!  So we made it happen, and although it was warm it turned out AMAZING!  The four kiddos were pretty darn good out there, and I donated to their farm so we could take a couple flowers before we left.  SO MUCH FUN!

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


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