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Another sweet little one has had her final session from the First Year Program — it’s LANEY!  Or as she’s known at home, Laney-bug!  The red trees were stunning, and only three families were able to have their photos out there this year (they blow away so fast!) but I was so happy to get Laney out there.  She loved the leaves, is walking pretty darn fast, and has this sweet smile when it comes to Cheerios.  How is it possible she’s already one year old?!  It’s been an awesome year with her and the family for sure.

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


After a couple of years trying to line-up our calendars, 2014 was THE YEAR!  I finally was able to photograph this adorable family, and they drove a LONG ways to get to these incredible red trees.  Worth the trip?  I happen to think so!  Brady was so incredibly sweet, and my favorite was asking him what sounds the Monkey makes…he was spot-on!  Such a cutie, and we captured lots of amazing images…:)

Click here to enjoy a slideshow of my favorites


This family and I go way back…so when I see their family growing, and they continue to ask me to document it, I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude.   Lennon is such a sweetheart, and after lots of trying to get her to sleep she finally did it on her OWN terms…:) Something tells me she is already showing some personality!  Big brother and sister are so sweet to her, and I had to reminisce when each of THEM was this small.  Oh time…slow down!

Click here to watch a slideshow of my favorites!


Last week I finally had the pleasure of meeting Miss Emrie!  And I cannot forget the furry-kid Marley, who was perfectly content to watch the entire spectacle of family images sans leash off to the side.  It was amazing!  Emrie was a little tentative on being outdoors in the wind, but once you placed her in a cozy basket she sure was happy…but aren’t we all happier in a fuzzy blanket?:)

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


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