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When you reschedule not once, but TWICE, you literally go to bed BEGGING the sky to cooperate in the morning!  This family was so understanding when the clouds would roll in, that I just had to have sunshine for them.  Stephanie told me she really wanted a barn-type location, and I had just the spot in mind.  I’d never shot there, but I just knew that the light would be gorgeous…and it was!  The boys were amazing, and despite thinking that I am a bit crazy they showered me with smiles.  We even captured a few images of Stephanie & Zach…which brought me right back to their wedding all those years ago… 🙂



During this session, we were discussing how many years that I’ve been photographing this crew — and how quickly it’s gone by.  Quintin seems to have grown exponentially since last Fall…there’s this maturity in him that just totally blew my mind!  Oliver is all about keeping up with his big brother, and those long blonde locks?  He’s just a ball of fun!  I love seeing them all each year, and I cannot wait to show them this years’ images!! 🙂


I remember meeting Grant as a newborn baby, and seeing him now I cannot help but picture that tiny wonder of a boy.  He’s such a KID now, and a sweet one at that!  Last year at this time, Brett wasn’t even standing yet, let alone trying to chase his big brother in the tall grass… 🙂  It’s truly an honor when a family continues to trust you, completely, to document these fleeting moments of family.  There’s a lot of love in this crew, and I love to be a small part of it each Fall!


When Ellen told me she wanted to try a Lifestyle session, I was so excited to do it!  Her boys are thick as thieves, and of course have the occasional disagreement… 🙂
We met early in the morning, and I snagged a few images of the crew in their own backyard.  Then we walked down the road to the nature-trail, where the boys threw leaves/sticks/seed pods in the air AND at their parents with glee!  After lots of outside time, we returned to the house to allow the boys to just do what they do.  Play on the train table, races through the halls, and jumping on the bed.  It was so…much…FUN.  I cannot wait for them to see the images, and treasure this little snapshot of life right now!


A year is a world of difference when it comes to toddlers…and seeing Addie & Jack talking so clearly and laughing together was just amazing!  They are so big, and Miss Ava greeted me with a shy, beautiful smile.  I love these kiddos, and I can’t help but think of the whole crew in Christmas hats from their Newborn photos!  Was it really that long ago?  Anyways…the family did an incredible job for their session, and this is my favorite one to date.  Family pics are a secret until the Holidays are over!!


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