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Tricia and I have known one another for many years, which means I know what a wonderful/kind person she is.  Real Estate is her profession, and she wanted to document some families that she’s helped find forever homes for!  What a lovely idea, so we had our first family early on a Sunday morning.  Their home is wonderful, and the four kiddos did such a great job for me.  The goal was to capture some fun family photos, while also showing a “documentary” side featuring the home/property.  It was a blast, and I adore the images!


When I look at Miss Paighton, I cannot help but remember her as a little baby, all swaddled up in a tiny suitcase for her newborn photos.  She’s growing up way too fast for her momma and I!  But when Sarah let me know she was going to donate her wedding dress, it only seemed right to devote one last set of images to that beautiful gown!  And honestly, lots of little girls DREAM of playing in something so wonderful and fun!  We only shot for about 15-minutes, but what a fun set of photos.  She’s amazing!


I was very excited to meet this family.  Teri said they’d never had outdoor photos done before, so I broke out the bubble machine just for the occasion!  Plus Olivia brought all of these amazing expressions, along with her favorite friend the Lamb.  So adorable…she hugs/cuddles/reaches for/bites/giggles at that ball of fluff.  It’s true love I tell you!  I cannot wait to share these fun images with everyone… 🙂


Welcome the newest member of the First Year Program — Miss Emery!  I love this crew, and Laney is already jumping into her new “job” as big sister.  Wasn’t it not too long ago that I was photographing their wedding?  And here we are with baby girl #2…it’s amazing.  Cannot wait to see everyone again SOON for more photos!! 🙂


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