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Sweet little Brigg — he is growing so fast.  And as Mom told me, he’s the first baby of theirs to have a little “chub”, so something tells me he is going to be a bruiser!!:) He’s wearing his Big Brothers old sweater for some of these pics.  Adorable!  I love love love working with these kiddos too.  Finn always has this glowing grin, and Tilly makes me work a little but it does escape pretty darn quick…so much fun.  Jill is super-mom, so we gave her a few more images this round!

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The last time I saw Henry he was a NEWBORN…and now he is the sweetest big-brother to Evelyn!  These two were so much fun…and it really shows in their images.  I love that they would play with each other, and throw leaves into the air with giant grins on their faces!  It was a pleasure to see this family in front of my camera again, and I cannot wait to share…:)

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It is amazing what a difference a year makes.  Sophia & Baron have changed so much in those 12-months, but I’ve told their parents that I think they are destined for the stage.  The expressions that cross BOTH of their faces are pretty darn priceless!  Shawna pulled together a gorgeous color palette for everyone, and it worked perfectly in the spot I had selected for them.  I cannot wait for her to see these!

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The last time I photographed this family, Grant was 1-year old…so that was THREE years ago!  And wow have things changed since then…:) He is a spunky little guy, with an adorable dimpled-smile and bright blue eyes.  There’s also another little guy in the picture now, 5-month old Brett!  These brothers are going to have so…much…fun together I can just tell.  It was wonderful seeing them all again, and I’m so excited to share their images!

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The forecast said rain…and just an hour before the shoot it started POURING!  But the radar showed that it was fast-moving, so we decided to wait a little bit and see if it would let up.  Thank goodness it DID, and despite a few sprinkles it was a great success.  Hallie & Wade are two sweet little twins, who seem to enjoy the outdoors!  We even snagged a few images with the furry-kid…which is no easy task with a hunting-dog who just wants to sniff the new surroundings.  I was so happy to be asked to capture this beautiful family for the first time!

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