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I’ve been photographing this family since Angie was expecting Quintin…9 years ago!  We tend to reminisce a little bit as we are taking photos, and I can hardly believe how big these brothers really are.  In between the wrestling and punching, they give the best hugs and smiles ever.  It’s a truly awesome sibling connection, with a dash of competitiveness to boot… 🙂

I cannot believe how much Mr. Everett grew since his newborn session…wow!  He’s got even more hair, and the sweetest little smile ever.  Big sister is full of energy running around him, and I can tell he’s just waiting for his time to join the race!  We hiked all around Unity Village, and found some little spots I didn’t even know existed (thanks Christine)!  Hard to believe our next session will be at ONE…YEAR…slow down, time!

When I think back on all of the Newborn sessions I’ve done, I think Landreigh may win for being the most laid-back baby ever.  When she was awake her content face just looked curiously into my camera, and after awhile she fell asleep and let us change her clothes, move her around, and even throw in a tummy-pose at the end…all without a single fuss!  It was incredible, and I adore the images that resulted.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

It had been a couple of years since I saw this family — and as the kids bounded out of the car I knew it was going to be a great session.  Caleb is up to his Mother’s shoulder now — which is so crazy seeing as I photographed him as a NEWBORN. Logan is a sly kiddo, that you have to keep your eye on at all times… 🙂  And sweet Ella just adores her big brothers and manages to keep up with their energy!  It was so much fun, and I feel so lucky to capture a family over so many years!

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