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As the wind and snow rages outside, I am going to think about this cozy indoor session with some of my favorite people… ๐Ÿ™‚ Joel has changed so much since I saw him last, and those expressive eyebrows absolutely slay me! I also love seeing his older siblings have fun together, and smother their baby brother with hugs. Until 8-months!

Each year I am ready to get back to photo sessions…and this year I was lucky enough to begin with baby Niles! I remember when big brother Noeland was a newborn (about 9 years ago!), and now he’s holding onto this tiny little one. Time is nuts that way, right?! I am thrilled that Niles is on the First Year Program, and we will watch him grow over the next 12 months!

Erika and I go back more years than I want to admit — so when she asked me to document her first photos of baby Semra (while they were in KC!) I was thrilled. Just look at that sweet face! And they laugh so easily together…it was a pure joy. I’m so excited to share with her all of these jems!

I am thrilled for this couple, as they will be welcoming a sweet baby boy into their family very soon! We met up on a perfect Fall day, and the sun was extra warm for their Expecting session. Baby boy is enrolled for the First Year Program, so I cannot wait to meet him & share his first 12-months!

As the season is coming to a close, I find myself smiling while I edit the last families of 2020…because I remember those couple of months when I thought my amazing job wouldn’t be around this year at ALL. But look how wonderful my clients all continued to value photography for their family! Sloane is now a year old, and she is on the MOVE! But of course, it’s because she has older siblings to keep up with… ๐Ÿ™‚ Hard to believe she’s grown so much. What an amazing session this was!

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