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When I was thinking about the last time I saw this crew…I automatically thought it was last year.  But much to my surprise, it was actually TWO years ago!  That means the boys have grown a LOT, but they are also as sweet as can be.  They had me giggling with their “serious” poses, wild-expressions, and Brock’s double-guns.  April and I wondered if this would be the last time Bryce’s curls will be so prominent…here’s hoping it isn’t!

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A year goes so quick…and that is a big difference when the last time you saw a little one she was a newborn!  So imagine how shocked I was to see Nora recently, at ONE YEAR OLD.  She’s walking, giggling, and has some of the best expressions I’ve seen!  She waved at all of the passerby in the park, and loves to give her stuffed animals “hugs”…what a joy to see this family again!

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Fall colors are really starting to glow — which means that it’s time for Miss Caroline to graduate from her First Year Program with me!  <sniff sniff>  Why does time have to march along so darn fast?!  But at the same time, seeing her light UP at the sight of bubbles…that somehow makes it all better…:) And the slideshow song goes out to Matt!

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I’ve been working with Angie and Dan since they were expecting Quintin…and he just turned SIX.  For real!  It’s incredible.  I feel so lucky, & I love that they are game for me to try all new spots with them.  And these brothers are all about karate & ninjas, so catching those sweet in-between moments is always a fun challenge.  But I think I won this round!:)

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