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Meg & Dave | Wedding Day

To say that I was looking forward to Meg & Dave’s wedding would be a drastic understatement.  It wasn’t for the flowers, the location, the dress…while all gorgeous, it was so much MORE than that.  It was the genuine nature of these two people.  The way they laugh together, act silly together, and truly cherished the meaning of this day in their lives.  And it was obvious by the people that surround them that I am not the only person who is drawn to their great energy.  I was tearing up with many guests during the speeches, and really just had FUN capturing their love.

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here — and congratulations to two amazing people!


Sydney | Senior Session

I love it when you can instantly “click” with your subject…and you can just see the kindness in their eyes.  This goes for both Sydney AND her mother!  We had a lovely time walking around the gardens, talking about all sorts of things, oh…and taking a few photos too.  Sydney is a natural, and beautiful inside & out.  She is going to do so well in her future, I can tell!

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!

RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0001 (1)RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0002RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0003RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0004RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0005RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0006RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0007RPeters_Sydney-Sr_0008

Decker | 18-Month Session

Decker is such a well-loved little guy — and those eyes are simply unforgettable!  His Mom & Dad are some of my favorite people, and they’ve offered me some excellent advice when it comes to babies…which I appreciate.:) Decker turned One during my leave, but they decided they’d rather use his final Program-session at the 18-month mark…and how fun it was!  He is talking, and running, and LOVES Thomas the Train.  It’s been such a great time getting to know Mr. Decker, and capturing his first months!

Let’s look back at this little guys’ sessions:


the A Family | 2014

I remember photographing Brody as a newborn…and then his sister Haley as a newborn as well.  I had to almost rub my eyes to confirm what they were seeing when both of them hopped out of the car for photos!  Brody is as sweet as can be, and his sister is always on the move exploring.  I can tell they keep Mom & Dad busy!  It was a perfect morning for images…so let’s have a look!

Enjoy my favorites in a slideshow here


Graham | 1-Year Family Session

On Sunday morning I was getting ready for an early session — when the clouds rolled in and the sky opened up.  Thank goodness this family was so flexible, so we moved their shoot to the afternoon which turned out to be perfect!  Griffin is an amazing big brother to Graham, and I can already tell they have a special bond to one another.  It’s so sweet!  I was so impressed with these two…and thrilled with the images from their session…:)

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


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