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Last week I finally had the pleasure of meeting Miss Emrie!  And I cannot forget the furry-kid Marley, who was perfectly content to watch the entire spectacle of family images sans leash off to the side.  It was amazing!  Emrie was a little tentative on being outdoors in the wind, but once you placed her in a cozy basket she sure was happy…but aren’t we all happier in a fuzzy blanket?:)

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


Last week I had the privilege of meeting this sweet family for Nora’s newborn photos!  She was a complete dream, and her room features this amazing barn-door that her Dad built himself.  Of course I used it for several photos!  The weather was glorious, so we even ventured outdoors for a bit — and we HAD to use her Royals jersey with all of the wins our baseball team is putting up…:)

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


I was incredibly excited to photograph this family — they are some of our best friends, and it’s been a wild adventure into parenting with them!  Elin is just 5 days older than Elena, so Lauren and I have been going through TONS of the same stuff together.  A true blessing if you ask me…:) Anyways, Elin is a sweet little girl, who had just developed an adorable scrunch-face smile right before their photo day!  Yes, we captured it, and TONS more.  I’m so excited to share!

Here is a link to their slideshow of my favorites


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