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Ah Hazel — you have some of the best expressions EVER!  I still cannot believe that you’ve reached 1-year-old status…surely there’s been some sort of mistake?!  I adore seeing this family, and they are doing an amazing job with this girl.  She’s amazing, and I just know she is destined to do great things… 🙂  Happy Birthday Hazel!


18-months…yes, Georgia is officially 18-months old.  She’s the third little girl in this family that I’ve had the honor of documenting through the First Year (& beyond).  And I’m pretty sure she’s the snuggliest of them all when it comes to Mom & Dad!  We met in the early morning next to Lawrence’s library, and it was such a neat place to work with!  Lots of neat lines, steps (which Georgia loves), and even a grasshopper that almost lost his life at the hands of this curious toddler… 🙂  It was a wonderful shoot, and I think it’s pretty neat that she had one session where it was just her and her parents.  Sometimes, it’s good to be the littlest kiddo!


I have only done mini-sessions one other time…EVER.  But once I had the pleasure of meeting Emily with the Bloom Academy I started brainstorming on ideas on how we could work together.  I came across a wooden stand, added some stain & chalkboard paint, and the flower-shop idea was born!  I left all of the floral in Emily’s hands, and she did an incredible job.  I was beyond thrilled when she opened the trunk and revealed all of these gorgeous blooms!  I had 10 mini sessions for 20-minutes each…and while the sky did threaten rain for awhile we were super-duper-lucky it never fell.  Here are just three of my favorites from each.  There were TONS of great images, it was impossible to narrow down!


Sweet little Monroe — you absolutely made my day during your 6-month session!  That happy smile you were beaming at my camera is just too precious.  How can you possibly be 6-months old already?!  “Future President”?  You’ve got my vote!  I’m so thrilled with these images…and the next time I see Monroe will be at ONE…YEAR…OLD! 🙂


When I first heard from Tara, she was in a bit of a bind…& of course my heart went out to her and I just HAD to help!  Littles ones change so quickly, making photos so important.  Lex is 6-months old, and an incredibly happy little girl.  We met early in the morning to avoid some heat, and they brought along adorable outfits AND a red wagon that belonged to Lex’s grandmother!  Such a neat/sentimental touch.  It was a super-fun shoot, and I hope to see this crew again when she turns 1-year!


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