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Last week I had the privilege of meeting this sweet family for Nora’s newborn photos!  She was a complete dream, and her room features this amazing barn-door that her Dad built himself.  Of course I used it for several photos!  The weather was glorious, so we even ventured outdoors for a bit — and we HAD to use her Royals jersey with all of the wins our baseball team is putting up…:)

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


I was incredibly excited to photograph this family — they are some of our best friends, and it’s been a wild adventure into parenting with them!  Elin is just 5 days older than Elena, so Lauren and I have been going through TONS of the same stuff together.  A true blessing if you ask me…:) Anyways, Elin is a sweet little girl, who had just developed an adorable scrunch-face smile right before their photo day!  Yes, we captured it, and TONS more.  I’m so excited to share!

Here is a link to their slideshow of my favorites


I have all sorts of tricks and action-words for working with kids to get them to smile/laugh for me…and one of them is asking “Stomp those boots!!”.  So when it was Clara’s turn (the sweetheart in the hat) for photos I saw her boots, and asked that question.  Well Daddy decided to show her the best way to stomp…and of course accidentally stomped on his sunglasses!  He really did a great job…they were  broken beyond repair, but I have to admit the rest of us had a great laugh!  Joshua still has that amazing smile that lights up his entire face, and I even received a hug from shy little Hannah at the end.  I consider that a huge win!:)

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


When we planned this session, we wanted to return to the nearby spot where Erin & Ryan’s wedding photos took place…but alas it was pouring rain!  So we used their home, the front porch, and just as we were wrapping those up the SUN appeared.  It was amazing!  So off we went to the park, where we captured this family under the same yellow-leaf tree that covered them on that lovely day.  It’s incredible to watch families grow, and I cannot wait to see them again soon!

Here is a link to their slideshow!


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