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Each and every newborn that I meet is special…& Hannah Rose is EXTRA special for so many reasons. She is lovely, has this incredible red-toned hair, and is already showing her strength at just days old. Big Brother Noah is adjusting to the new normal, and has such a great love in his eyes when he looks at her (in between playing with trucks)… ๐Ÿ™‚ I cannot wait to see her again at 6-months! Congratulations you guys…your very own Rainbow…

During my own maternity leave, I had to miss the newborn session for this sweet girl…but how exciting to jump back into her First Year Program at 6-months! It was a really cooooold day, and we were not up for fighting the crowds at Union Station…so into a small studio space we went. Catherine (Kate) did amazing, and was so animated! Big sister Ellie seems so grown-up now…I remember when she was just a tiny baby too. Time is so bittersweet!

The newest member of the Baby’s First Year program is HERE — and he’s an absolute dream. Meet Cameron, who once fed was the most chill little guy for his various poses as a newborn ever… ๐Ÿ™‚ He has such expressive eyes already, and his parents have a connection to him that is so apparent already. I cannot wait to see him again at 6-months!

Way too much time had passed since I had the honor of hanging out with this family…a full year! Fiona was a new baby and now she’s this smiling, blue-eyed sweetie that I had so much fun with in December. Quinn is SO BIG…and her excitement over Fiona is still strong! I loved having her hold little sisters’ hands to stand…it was amazing. Love you guys, and see you in the Spring!

This was my first time working with the VDL family, and I have to say they were a BLAST.ย  These kids were incredible listeners, and I rewarded them with allowing some Flossing at the end of the shoot… ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Not to mention we navigated Union Station on a Sunday…during the holidays…and managed not to lose anyone!ย  I love the images we captured, and cannot wait for them to see.ย  Enjoy!

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