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How does a baby go from long, light brown hair…to totally voluminous BLONDE hair in a matter of months?! Bennett will have to tell us someday, when he can talk… 🙂 This family is pure joy, and I have to admit I’m a little sad that there is just one more session for Bennett’s First Year. HOW?! I know they are anxiously awaiting their images, so enough with my chatter!

After such a long Winter, it’s no wonder Cameron was interested in his surroundings way more than ME! The grass was so fascinating, and the tree-branches above too magical to think about photos… 🙂 Not to mention the basket we put him in; the coolest thing ever! But not to worry, I snagged some of those grins, and the dimple on his cheek that Momma loves so much. He may not be sitting up on his own yet, but it will not be long!!

I hadn’t seen Brett since high-school, but thanks to the power of Facebook he knew where to find me when his family needed photos! These two brothers were so much fun, and I love that the crew chose their HOME for the location. The light was perfect, and we incorporated three spaces to chase the boys and let them have fun! It was an honor, and I cannot wait for them to view the results… 🙂

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was working with Brittany for her Senior photos…but apparently it HAS been awhile because this lovely young woman stepped out of the car for her ENGAGEMENT photos! I couldn’t be happier for her, and instantly adored Brandon and his 100-watt smile. He’s such a great guy, and the two of them together were absolutely perfect. It was an honor, and I hope your wedding day is the BEST!

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