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Carrington Family | Fall 2020

This family and I go back many years — and when they moved to a little plot of land (and farther from ME) I was so sad! But imagineView full post »

Addison | Newborn Session

Becoming a parent is a life-changing milestone, and these two are doing SUCH an amazing job already! Addison was incredibly sweet, andView full post »

the McCollaugh Family | Fall 2020

These siblings completely blew my mind at this session — they brought the smiles, yes…but the silly faces were out of thisView full post »

Braklow Family | Fall 2020

It had been a few years since seeing this crew, and oh my GOODNESS how they have grown! The twins were just toddlers a day or soView full post »

Peterson Family | Fall 2020

11…years…since that first Maternity session of Angie. How? Can that really be possible?!? But as we reflected on how muchView full post »

the Meyer Family | Fall 2020

After a couple reschedules (thanks to Covid), I was finally able to meet this sweet family out at the park for their images! Lydia is nowView full post »

the Walters Family | Fall 2020

It was time for Birdie’s 6-Month session, but there was also an extended family gift that needed to be redeemed…so why not putView full post »

Bennett | 7-Month Session

When a client trusts you completely…and you say hey, I’ve found this tiny line of trees in a random neighborhood that areView full post »

Ben | 1-Year Session

Covid may have delayed his Six-month session, but oh my goodness did little Ben make up for it at his 1-Year! He brought all of theView full post »

Rucker Family | Fall 2020

When Amy and I were scheduling this session, we were both shocked to realize that somehow we missed last year! So I was thrilled to seeView full post »

Newkirk Family | Fall 2020

Sometimes rock-throwing is fun, and other times it ends up with a little blood-shed…thank goodness Wyatt is a tough kid who was ableView full post »

the Lyman Family | Fall 2020

Sometimes location just JUMP out at me as I’m driving — and this time, it was while I was heading TO their session! It wasView full post »

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