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Joel | Newborn Session

The difference in your stress-level from baby #1 to baby #3 is A LOT. Erin told me this was her least stressful session yet, and that wasView full post »

Ben | 5-Month Session

I scouted…and scouted…and scouted some more. Then I found what I THINK may be the only Fall-colored tree in the city rightView full post »

the A Family | Fall 2020

On an early morning, this whole family coordinated a big session…and MOST of the participants were on board. However the littlestView full post »

the Richert Family | Fall 2020

These are some of my FAVORITE people — and I always look forward to seeing them each Fall! Nora had a hand written note for meView full post »

Hannah | 1-Year Session

Sunflowers have been on the wish-list for this family for AWHILE…so imagine how happy I was when our local field bloomed just inView full post »

Rhodes Family | Fall 2020

Many years ago, I was the lucky photographer at their beautiful wedding…and now, they made a treck back to KS and managed to plan aView full post »

the Flack Family | 2020

When two siblings have always shared a special bond, you feel so lucky to witness it time and time again. I just adore this familyView full post »

Ryan | 1-Year Session

The happiest little face you’ll see — oh little Ryan! You are exploring this amazing world, and will find so many amazingView full post »

Elsie | 1-Year Session

We laughed at how different the world looked when we captured Elsie’s 6-month images. The virus was just beginning, and we wereView full post »

Scout and “His Kids”

I adore a challenge — and when your subject is a LARGE HORSE that you want to work with kids…that can be one! But Scout wasView full post »

Wedding Dress-Up!

When Lauren contacted me awhile ago about wanting to do this session, I was so thrilled. It has been a long time since seeing the JOY onView full post »

Zuri | Newborn Session

I’m thrilled to share these images of Zuri we captured last weekend! Mom warned me that she fights sleep with all herView full post »

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