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Bennett | 7-Month Session

When a client trusts you completely…and you say hey, I’ve found this tiny line of trees in a random neighborhood that areView full post »

Ben | 1-Year Session

Covid may have delayed his Six-month session, but oh my goodness did little Ben make up for it at his 1-Year! He brought all of theView full post »

Rucker Family | Fall 2020

When Amy and I were scheduling this session, we were both shocked to realize that somehow we missed last year! So I was thrilled to seeView full post »

Newkirk Family | Fall 2020

Sometimes rock-throwing is fun, and other times it ends up with a little blood-shed…thank goodness Wyatt is a tough kid who was ableView full post »

the Lyman Family | Fall 2020

Sometimes location just JUMP out at me as I’m driving — and this time, it was while I was heading TO their session! It wasView full post »

the Whitney Family | Fall 2020

I love finding new hidden-spots for photo sessions, and my sister was up for being my “guinea pig” for this years photos! AndView full post »

Jenn | Expecting!

It’s hard to believe this family is about to welcome baby number two! Were we JUST photographing Sienna’s newborn days? Wow,View full post »

Alex & Mia | Newborn Session

Henry is such a sweet little guy, and I think he was very prepared to be a big brother! When we began the session he was SO GOOD. EvenView full post »

the Stone Family | Fall 2020

To know this family, is to LOVE them…and I’ve been honored to document them from the very beginning! Now this session was aView full post »

Joel | Newborn Session

The difference in your stress-level from baby #1 to baby #3 is A LOT. Erin told me this was her least stressful session yet, and that wasView full post »

Ben | 5-Month Session

I scouted…and scouted…and scouted some more. Then I found what I THINK may be the only Fall-colored tree in the city rightView full post »

the A Family | Fall 2020

On an early morning, this whole family coordinated a big session…and MOST of the participants were on board. However the littlestView full post »

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