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Mark’s 30th Birthday Surprise

Yes — we are all slowly but surely reaching the big 3-0 — and this party is definitely going down as one of the best in history.  As you know we are avid Bluegrass/Folk music fans. We go camping for MANY days just to listen to bands from all over the country play on tiny stages in the campgrounds at Winfield.  One of our absolute favorites is Truckstop Honeymoon — and Mark’s g-friend Lauren thought it would be the most AMAZING surprise to hire them to play in his basement.  Well folks, she was right!  We had about 100 or more people in the basement all quiet until he walked down the stairs…Truckstop started playing his FAVORITE song (“Strawberry”).  I think that is about when he went into shock.

Want to see how I lit the images?  I mounted my flash to a support-pillar, aimed at the white ceiling to bounce the light onto the performers.  I put an arrow to my flash and pocket-wizard so you could see it! 🙂

This one I slowed the shutter WAY down to around 1/10th to pull in a LOT of ambient light…

At Winfield this past year, we were introduced to a new band, Free State Revival (we had actually seen them here in town before as well) and we were instant fans.  Call us groupies if you will, but these guys have an amazing energy and talent to melt your face off.  So of course we invited them to the party (being they are fans of Truckstop as well) and they offered to play too!  Does it get any better folks??? 


It was an amazing night — check out BOTH BANDS.  It will change your life I swear… 🙂

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