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Oh the technology and networking!

WARNING:  Major internet Geek post ahead!

If you ask my girlfriends — they will tell you I am way too INTO the internet.  And for a lot of people all of these social networking sites can be a bit overwhelming.  Why would I want to update my status for Facebook, and Twitter, and G-mail’s chat application!?!  So many places, and so little time.  WELL…I have helped a handful of people get some things setup that link everything together for them…so I thought that I would share it here too. 

1.  GMAIL:  I use Gmail for my personal e-mail account — I love it for it’s ease of use, built-in chat application, and label/archiving capability.  Not to mention all of the OTHER amazing Google apps that are all for free use, but that is for another time (hello all you girls I converted to Google Reader)!

2.  FACEBOOK:  Wow…who knew what a huge thing Facebook would become once it was opened up to the public (not just students)?  It connects people, transfers information FAST, and has a viral quality about it that shares images statuses and groups quickly.  I encourage ALL to join…and if you want be my friend do so right here!

3.  TWITTER:  Another way to communicate with your audience, that can easily be linked to blogs, websites, etc for instant sharing of status and pictures.  You follow your friends (or now, even companies) and get notifications of what they are up to.  You can follow me HERE.

Now that we made it through all of that stuff…there has to be an easy way to link it all together right?  I am sure you are visiting your e-mail Inbox on a regular basis.  Why not have a little Gadget that let’s you update your Facebook status AND Twitter status at the same time from Gmail?  Enter TwitterGadget!

Instructions for how to install it are AT THIS LINK.  It will make it SUPER easy to update what you are doing…multiple places…from a spot you go to anyways.  Now there is no excuse not to join the social networking world out there.  It is certainly not going away…so jump on in!

I know this is a LITTLE out of the ordinary for a photo-blog — but I am just fascinated by this stuff and the way we stay in contact these days.  Enjoy!

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