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Bake much?

I certainly do not bake NEARLY as much as I would like to — simply because my husband does not like sweets.  I would make a batch of cookies, and somehow I would eat ALL of them.  But anytime I have a gathering, or if we are going somewhere I seize the opportunity to bust out the Kitchenaid and BAKE!  Last night, was a Holiday movie night with some of my great girlfriends and Mom’s too.  It was time to see “White Christmas” for the umpeenth-time in my life — now it feels like the Holidays for sure.  I set two separate crockpots going in the morning (a white-bean chili and a Mexican stew) and then started on my 3 desserts.  I just had to share the end result — since I am not as good as Pioneer Woman and could not take pictures at each step…too messy!

1.  Spicy Molasses Cookies – from the Pioneer Woman
These were by far the easiest to make, and I LOVE them.

2.  Sugar Cookies w/Royal Icing – found on Cast Sugar, but recipe is from Williams Sonoma
Took a LOT of work, and in my opinion not really worth it.  I had to add a LOT of flour to the recipe to even roll it out, and the icing…let’s just not go there…

3.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls – from Dwain’s Week of Baking
A little more work than #1 above, but totally worth it.  I love these, and will start to make them on a regular basis.  He has a lot of other great recipes on there, so check it out!

Hope that everyone is getting their Bake-On…and I will be posting 3 cuties soon!

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