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Tracey + Lewie | E-Session

I meet a LOT of great couples in what I do, that share a connection — and there are so many that I admire for the way they make one another feel, and the way they look at each other.  Tracey and Lewie are one of those couples — who have fun, and do not seem to sweat the small stuff.  Tracey said it best “He knows all my craziness, and loves me anyways!” 

We were amazed at the nice weather we were given (over 50 degrees) for the small amount of time these two were in KC from New York…and I couldn’t have asked for a better shoot.  I had all of these ideas in my head — and I know that sometimes I can be spastic when I get excited!  They took it all in stride, and really made some of my visions come to life.  I love Bob Dylan, and I wanted to re-create one of his album covers in one shot…see if you know which one… 😉  Their song is AH — MAAA — (wait for it) ZIIIINNNNG!  BLOG SHOW!

Thank you both for being so FUN — and I cannot wait for your wedding in St. Louis this year!

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