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Caroline | 1-Year Session

The last time I saw Caroline, she was a new little baby swaddled up and sleepy — now that girl is a YEAR old!  She’s walking,View full post »

Beau | 4-Month Session

Smiles, smiles and more smiles — that’s little Beau for ya!  He’s a pretty happy baby, who loves to just observe his bigView full post »

Molly | 1-Year Session

These sisters are TOUGH — Molly wasn’t feeling great (and teething, ugh) and Courtney had just fallen from the playground justView full post »

Laney | 1-Year Session

Another sweet little one has had her final session from the First Year Program — it’s LANEY!  Or as she’s known at home,View full post »

Lennon | Newborn Session

This family and I go way back…so when I see their family growing, and they continue to ask me to document it, I cannot help but feelView full post »

Owen | 4-Month Session

When we planned this session, we wanted to return to the nearby spot where Erin & Ryan’s wedding photos took place…but alasView full post »

Remi | 1-Year Session

After a hilarious scheduling mix-up, this family came all the way to Olathe to have Remi’s final session of the First Year program!View full post »

Vera | Newborn Session

An adorable little baby has arrived, and it’s a GIRL!  And as far as photos are concerned, she is the opposite of her big brother.View full post »

Robert | 1-Year Session

Oh sweet Robert…the easy going, blue-eyed boy that has completed this family.  You are officially graduated from the First YearView full post »

Caroline | Newborn Session

It was a bit surreal walking back into this home, holding a large canvas of daughter #1 as a newborn.  To see her RUN by in a blur ofView full post »

Parker | 18-Month Session

Ah the Sunflowers — Jess told me last YEAR that she wanted to be sure we made it out to this field during it’s one-week ofView full post »

Max | 9-Month Session

After all sorts of things happened to cause reschedules (on EACH of our ends) the stars finally aligned and I was able to see this family!View full post »

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