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Category Archives: Baby’s First Year

Cole | Newborn Session

When a new baby enters your family, it makes your first baby look like…a KID.  And watching sweet Brock be a  big brother, just makesView full post »

Vera | 1-Year Session

It’s that time again…for yet another little one to graduate from the First Year program!  Remember this sweet red head, Vera?View full post »

Elise | Newborn Session

I adore surprises…especially when it has to do with babies and their gender!  I’ve photographed this family for some time now,View full post »

Jaclyn | 8-Month Session

“Baby J Sparkles” is what comes to mind anytime I see this sweetheart’s little face…because that is just what sheView full post »

Beckett | 6-Month Session

Adorable, happy, smiley…those are just a few of the words I’d use to describe Beckett.  At his 6-month session he was ready toView full post »

Evelyn | 8-Month Session

Is there anything better than a sweet & chubby baby?  I didn’t think so…just look at these amazing cheeks!  She was soView full post »

Georgia | 6-Month Session

It is such a treat to work with families on a regular basis…and Georgia is now 6-months old so it was time to journey to their newView full post »

Hazel | Newborn Session

Hazel — isn’t that just the sweetest name?  And there is a sweet face to match it perfectly.  Penny (the furry-kid) may notView full post »

Noah | 6-Month Session

Don’t you love a chunky-thigh baby???  Then you are going to LOVE seeing this big guy!  Noah is already 6-months old, and he isView full post »

Genevieve “Evie” | Newborn Session

The sweetest little baby girl is here, and loved so so much already!  Meet Genevieve (Evie for short), and prepare to be jealous of herView full post »

Brigg | Newborn Session

Imagine moving into a new home…then a week later delivering your third sweet baby…and a week after that, coordinating a photoView full post »

Beau | 1-Year Session

Mr. Beau — one of the happiest, laid-back little guys EVER, has turned one.  I know, I know, it’s a lie and there’s noView full post »

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