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Category Archives: Baby’s First Year

Beau | 1-Year Session

Mr. Beau — one of the happiest, laid-back little guys EVER, has turned one.  I know, I know, it’s a lie and there’s noView full post »

Cohen | Newborn Session

It’s always exciting when a baby’s gender is a surprise.  And when it’s the THIRD baby, and you’re still making itView full post »

Simon | 4-Month Session

Four months…already…and Simon continues to look so much like his big sister I feel like I’m having some deja vu!  MorningView full post »

Owen | 1-Year Session

When Erin told me about her family connections to a certain famous KC-Bridge, I was 100% on board to venture downtown to have it in herView full post »

Elise | 18-Mo Session

I’ve been working with this family for years, and we have some great stories around our shoots — but I believe this one is theView full post »

Emrie | 1-Year Session

Dad’s baseball hat, a tutu made my her Momma, and a balloon that would make ANY kid smile…all came together for the perfectView full post »

Lennon | 8-Month Session

It might have been the hottest day of the year, but we were still going to get some great photos of this wonderful family forView full post »

Caroline | 9-Month Session

What started as an 8-month session, slowly became almost a NINE-month session thanks to Mother Nature!  Oh the crazyView full post »

Vera | 8-Month Session

There are some sessions where everything just “clicks” — and the kids are on-pointe ready for their close-up.  That wasView full post »

Addie & Jack | 18-Months

We had walked as far from the cars as we wanted to go — and wouldn’t you know it, the skies opened up and DRENCHED US!  We hadView full post »

Jaclyn | 4-Month Session

When I arrived for Jaclyn’s 4-month session, I was not surprised at ALL to see an animal-print tutu-skirt and gold sparkles!  ThisView full post »

Evelyn | 4-Month Session

Are all 3rd babies this incredible?  I mean, totally laid back and smiley?  Evelyn is as chill and happy as they come, and she just takesView full post »

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