Ida’s Custom Veils

I am sure you have read the incredible story from Whitney & Carl’s wedding day — and now I wanted to take a moment and really share how amazing Ida’s Custom Veils was on that day.  Not only are they a wonderful bridal gown shop, they go above and beyond when it comes to customer-service, which is sometimes lacking in today’s world.  I fully endorsed them before June 4th, but now I want to shout their name from the rooftops!

When we realized Whitney’s original gown was un-wearable for the wedding day, a phone call was made to Ida’s to let them know we were on our way to the store.  Once we arrived, it was all-hands-on-deck to do whatever it took to get Whitney in a new gown for the wedding ceremony.  The shop keeps a file for each bride, along with her favorite dress, second choices, and characteristics that she likes/dislikes about dresses.  Whitney, her bridesmaids and myself were whisked into a fitting room immediately, where there were already 6 dresses waiting to be tried on (based on Whitney’s file).  Ida herself came in to let us know that she had cleared her afternoon appointments to take care of us, and that we were welcome to take-over the room for as long as needed.  Once Whitney selected a dress, Ida spot-cleaned it, hemmed it to match the bridal-shoes, and steamed it — all while we waited!!

The most emotional part was when the new dress was ready.  Ida swept the gown into the fitting room, and was shortly followed by all of the employees of the shop with great applause.  They had done it.  They had given a bride without a dress, a gorgeous gown to borrow for the day.  It was simply stunning to watch, and Ida’s really hit it out of the park for all of us involved!

And the great news I heard just last night?  Ida sent Whitney’s original dress out of state to be heavy-duty cleaned…and it worked!! 🙂

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