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I can honestly say that I tend to get a little emotional when I read reviews that my clients leave on both Pictage and Wedding Wire.  It blows my mind, and I am so grateful & humbled that they take the time to do so.  I received a review yesterday from the GROOM…yes you read that right.  Jon (of Amanda & Jon’s wedding) wrote a very touching re-cap of his experience with me; I was so floored I felt compelled to share it here.  Horn-tooting coming right up!

If you’re looking for nothing less than a motivated, professional, skilled and all around fantastic photographer, look no further. My wife and I had the priviledge of having Rebecca shoot our wedding and were positively thrilled with the amazing photography of our special day. Rebecca’s reliability, organizational skills and focus (no pun intended) will leave you desiring nothing, worrying about nothing, having complete confidence the photos will be spectacular and allow you to enjoy whatever event you have Rebecca shoot for you. Generally speaking, as a guy/groom, one wouldn’t expect the groom to care or take time to write a review for their wedding photographer, but I am. Rebecca’s personality and drive impressed me thoroughly which isn’t easy to do and the end product Rebecca produced was nothing less than amazing. Rebecca was able to capture the truest essence of my wife and I’s personality, relationship with one another and relationships with all who attended. Rebecca was an absolute wonderful photographer whose personality drew us into a great friendship and I will refer anyone and everyone to Rebecca. If you’re still unsure about who to have as your photographer after reading this review, you’re really overthinking it. ”  Jon Carlson 

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