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Super-dog | aka, Tanner!

I love a challenge — especially when that challenge involves good friends, dogs, and a dock for them to jump from!
Meet Tanner…a sweet black lab with endless energy.  Tanner’s owners are great friends of Dave and I, so we packed up Mosby and went out to the Longview Park!  Lots and LOTS of great shots from this little session — and the Canon Mark III came in really handy using the rapid-fire mode.  You can make a flip-book from the pictures of him leaping!

I have to credit Mark & Tanner for finally getting our dog to swim in deep water…thanks guys!
Enjoy his slideshow here!

rpeters_tanner-jump_0001rpeters_tanner-jump_0002rpeters_tanner-jump_0003rpeters_tanner-jump_0004rpeters_tanner-jump_0005rpeters_tanner-jump_0006And I had to include a picture of Mosby “jumping” into the water…I guess we have a little work to do huh? 🙂


  • Dave - (Not pictured: my foot pushing Mosby in)

  • Lauren C - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them Rebecca! Thanks again!

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