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just because…

i have been shooting many many portraits…and sometimes a girl just needs to pull her car off the side of the highway, and capture something ‘because’…

rpeters_fall2009_0001rpeters_fall2009_0002rpeters_fall2009_0003rpeters_fall2009_0004which is your favorite and why?  no deep, hidden meanings to any of these images…just all in good fun 🙂

  • Lori O - I love the red leaves! Fall’s changing red leaves are my favorite, b/c they are the most intense before everything turns all dead and drab.

  • Betsy - They are all stunning! I love the sky in the corn field the best…there aren’t many corn fields where I’m from:)

  • Jenn - I love the first two. The first one because this fall has been AMAZING for colors, and I didn’t get enough pictures taken. The second because I love the contrast between the dying stalks and the bright sky.

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