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My PhotoGirls – a wrap-up!

What an amazing week of fun, laughs, relaxing and the beach.  I look forward to this trip of incredible women so much — not only because they are amazing people, but because we can relax and share all things business.  Dave only can take so much “photo-talk” so I am sure he looks forward to this break too.  🙂 As tradition has started, we always take some time to capture each other for new profile/headshot/promotional purposes.  Here are all of the ladies — thanks again for the amazing time!

Let’s start off with my roomies — yes, we all slept in bunk beds on this trip!
Kellie, shot by Sara of Whitebox:

Stacey, shot by Mel — the other half of Whitebox:

Tania, shot by ME!

And of course me, shot by the wonderful Melissa Jill — my bestest bud on the trip!

Now for the rest of the crew!
Melissa Jill shot by Mel:

Sara, shot by Kellie:

Mel, also shot by Kellie:

Brooke “Brookie-pants” shot by me:

Adrienne, shot by Sara:

Misha, and her adorable baby-belly shot by Sara:

Khara, my “neighbor” in Nebraska shot by Stacey:

Jena, shot by Khara:

Thank you so much ladies for the great FUN!

I am slowly getting all caught up with work — so next on the Blog is an E-session, a 4-month session, and I am shooting a 2nd e-session this afternoon!

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