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I just love when people take a passion, & turn it into something that benefits others.  It is inspiring just to hear them talk about it.  You know what I am talking about, right?  So I wanted to do a post about a couple of friends who are really going for it, and putting themselves out there with products that mean a lot to them!

First is Maile in the field of Photography.  I remember when she first talked about creating a camera bag that was geared-towards women, and had some STYLE to it.  Nobody was doing that!  She had a long journey, but it was well worth it.  My bag arrived yesterday (just in time for WPPI in Vegas tomorrow!) and I was blown-away by how lovely and sturdy this bag is!  Check it out here…

rpeters_epiphaniebagNext is my friend Natalie in the field of Wellness.  She has always been passionate about staying healthy, but it is so much more than that.  She wants people to be healthy both physically AND mentally, and has started her own branch of Cafe Gratitude here in Kansas City.  These gorgeous bottles are for sale, with hand-etched glass!  They come in various colors, and many uplifting words to encourage you to feel better and drink more water.  Love it!  I got the purple one…of course!

rpeters_gratitudebottlesSpeaking of WPPI, I wanted to purchase new business cards for this shindig.  I knew that I wanted to try letterpress cards this time around, and after some searching found a local shop downtown named Hammerpress.  I worked with Jenn from A to Z and she was amazing!  Incredible service, and when I picked the cards up last night (during First Fridays in the Art District) I could not have been happier.  They are stunning…thanks Jenn!

rpeters_hammerpress-cardsI leave bright and early in the morning for the largest photography trade-show and convention in the country — I have butterflies just thinking about it.  Follow me on Twitter if you want to see what I am up to!  Have a great week everyone, and if I can blog I will!

  • jessica peterson - omg i LOVE the bottle! reminds me of paris :*) going to go get me some now! thanks for sharing- and the bag is beautiful too! woot woot!

  • Kayla - Love your business cards!

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