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Feather Extensions!

When the weather is dark/gray/rainy — and you have to postpone your photo shoots, it means some sister-time… 🙂
After a run through Starbucks, I grabbed Abbey and forced her into my crazy idea of feather-extensions!  Thanks so much to Ashley at ZENERGY for getting us in super-quick, and giving us an awesome new look for the next couple of months!
(they attach to a section of your own hair, and you can wash/dry/curl them just like you would normally!)



Here's our stylist, Ashley sporting her feathers!


Special thanks to Abbey for the pics of me in the salon and Chuck for a quick headshot in the wind!

  • Angie Gunja - You girls are so cute! Love the feathers…. mmm… I wonder how long it would take for my kiddos to rip them out of my head?

  • Donna Peters - I Think I like em”

  • Khara Plicanic - yes! score!

  • Heather K. - Dude, I’m nervous about your visit now. I’m going to keep doing double takes and freaking out thinking there is a bird in your hair. Do you know how scared of birds I am? 🙂
    That being said, I’m surprised at how cute it is! You are so fun!

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