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There were a few plans at the ready…which is necessary with weather, location-closings, and COVID! James decided it would be easier to shoot indoors, at an iconic KC-location for his girlfriend Nhu. They’ve been together for three years, and he wanted to be sure the Proposal was perfect! I hid with my giant lens as they approached the clock in the grand hall, and dashed between a Quinceañera to capture THE moment. Not to mention a photo session of the two of them just happily smiling/laughing with one another afterward! It was a dream to photograph them, and I cannot wait to share these images!

The Summer heat in KS sometimes makes the decision easy for a MORNING session, and that’s just what this family did. We met at the park at 8 AM, and managed to work through all of the family combinations just in time for the boys to cooperate! I love when an extended family makes time for a portrait, and this crew was truly lovely to work with. Enjoy!

Every parent knows how hard it is to get your whole crew to a photo shoot…let alone get them there while HAPPY! Sloane was lifted from the car seat that morning, only to discover she was having a skin-reaction to a pancake…oh no! We debated rescheduling, but eventually decided to wait it out (with some heat thrown-in for good measure). So glad we did! Sloane had smiles, and really enjoyed when she had some one-on-one time by some pink doors. I cannot wait to see her again at 1 year!

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