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On the nicest day of 2018 (so far) I was so excited to see this family, and document a major milestone in their lives!  The last time I saw Brody was for his 1-year session, and now he’s potty-training and running like crazy!  He wasn’t too thrilled to be in photos, but a few tricks here and there and I grabbed those bright smiles of his. The sun was pure loveliness and I loved having a few minutes at the end with just Alysha and Nick.  Baby girl is going to be incredibly loved!

Lots of you will likely recognize the curls on Big Sister ADDI below — when she is back on the blog to introduce her baby sister Abigail!  As the newest member of the First Year Program, Abigail is going to get a lot of camera time just like Addi…and I cannot wait to be the lucky photographer to capture it.  It’s so wonderful to see this family again, and I couldn’t be happier for them and thei newest addition.  Congratulations you guys!

You  may recognize Amy from the many times her family has appeared in this blog-space, and she also happens to run a very motivating/successful blog over at Beautifully Broken Journey.  But that’s not all folks!  Her and Jennifer also have some big plans — and things already going — for their own marketing business that required some new promotional images.  I was so excited to work with them both, and they did such a wonderful job on this chilly-outdoor morning!  When their website is ready, I will link it here as well…until then, let’s enjoy these go-getters’ photos!

The last time I photographed Decker, he was just 18-months old — and now he’s FIVE! And did I mention he’s sporting a new title as well?  BIG BROTHER!  Duke was born just over a week ago, and this little guy has an amazing older sibling to look up to.  I adore the way Decker was willing to hold baby brother, and his silliness was really fun to capture!  Duke was such a chill little guy for his session — and basically slept the entire time.  Even through a tummy-pose!  The best…congrats to you guys, and I hope to see you all again soon!

So much anticipation on meeting this sweet baby girl — and now that she is here, her whole family is completely and totally in LOVE!  Owen is already a wonderful big brother, and will be showing her how to be extra-silly before we know it.  Miss Natalie is on my First Year Program, so we get to see this sweet face a few more times over the next 12-months — yay!  Congratulations to the family, I could not be more happy for you… 🙂

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