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Last year at this time, I was photographing Ethan’s Senior photos on their home property.  This Fall, it was time for the whole family to be in front of the camera, and I just knew it was going to be an awesome time!  Everyone is incredibly welcoming, and this family just has a lot of FUN together.  It made my job such a blast!  We walked all over the land, and I have to hand it to 4-week-old Isabelle for doing AMAZING in the cold.  I’m sure all the family snuggles made it all worth it… 🙂

On this particular afternoon — the third family on the roster are some of my FAVORITE people to see each year!  Both of these little girls were on my First Year Program, and every year I marvel at how much they have grown up.  Courtney is loving dance, and I can see it in the little ways she places her feet when getting into a photo spot…and Molly powered through a COLD to break out smiles and laugh!  Such a great pair of sisters — I just love seeing that special connection.  Thank you so much for allowing me another year of documenting your crew!

It might have been chilly…even rained a little before we began…but this family toughed it out and did AMAZING!  This was my first time working with them, and it was a blast.  Mom was prepared with Skittles for Avi, and little Jolie has the best smiles when her Daddy talks to her!  They coordinated with their friends and brought some props for a handful of the photos, and then we explored this new spot near the creek and over a bridge.  TONS of great images…I cannot wait for them to see!

It may have been cold, and drizzling a little bit, but this family still hiked all over a new-to-me spot for their family photos and had a blast!  Graham is so big, likely because I still imagine his newborn photo when I traveled to Columbia, MO to meet him.  Anna has these eyes that just light up when she smiles, and they definitely love each other so much.  Thanks for another FUN year!!

Oh Max — if we could bottle-up your energy and sell it we’d be millionaires!  You  demonstrated this rock-star pose while yelling “Selfie” that totally cracked us up — apparently learned from a National Geographic show?!  Awesome…that personality will take you far little guy.  And I absolutely adore that Zachary’s bear was included again; an amazing way to show his presence always!  The next time I see this family will be for BABY photos…and I couldn’t be happier for them.  Until then… 🙂

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