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Another family that endured some chilly temps for their session is the Bracco crew!  I remember Brandon being a little toddler, Chase a tiny baby…and Caroline and Nate being welcomed into the family.  How are they all such big kids now?!  I love having them shout a little, tickle one another, and really have fun.  It’s hard to call this kind of session “work” when everyone is so happy!  Another year of photos is complete!

It’s exciting to watch a family grow — especially when it’s a family that you’ve been with for over a decade…!!  This crew really braved some MAJOR cold for these images, but thank goodness they did because it was a perfectly golden afternoon with Fall colors.  They didn’t mind snuggling a bit (even Sam!) and definitely had me cracking-up with some of their expressions… 🙂

I absolutely adore this family — and we had such a GREAT session a week or so ago!  There was snow on the ground, but it wasn’t too cold…Kristen brought some amazing accessories (because, a baby in a winter hat is THE BEST), and the kiddos were hilarious!  Some of my favorite images shot this season for sure… 🙂

It had been a few years since I photographed this crew — but we really made this count by driving almost an HOUR to a location I’d never shot at!  There’s rumor it will be closed to photographers soon, so I’m glad we got this session in when we did.  It was chilly, with snow on the ground, which made for a perfect winter-coats-and-hats attire theme!  We had a blast, I just wish this spot was closer… 🙂

Cold…snow…SUN.  If you are willing to brave the first two, the third one is going to make all the difference.  Luke & Zoe agreed to proceed with their engagement session despite the cold temps and chilly ground, and even LAID DOWN in it for my first ever drone-shot!  You guys are the best, and have an amazing time at your intimate wedding in CA…congratulations!


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