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How has this sweet blue-eyed baby, so quickly become a TWO YEAR OLD?!  He is all about the hugs and snuggles, and wasn’t too sure about the crazy-camera-lady to start.  But after a little bit of fun, not to mention playing with STICKS, this kiddo was all smiles.  Noah, you’re going to do amazing things one day!!

Matteo!  That adorable smile just melts my heart!  Nora wanted to take photos all afternoon…which we had to laugh at when compared to her 18-mo (or was it 2-year?) session. She’s grown up so much!  It was fairly windy, but we found some lovely little spots that kept the wind at bay.  How is Matteo already getting so close to age ONE?!  It’s always so great to see this crew…so I’m glad for that One-year session isn’t far away… 🙂

A sweet little guy has joined this family, and I was so excited to document this amazing time!  Henry is a chill baby for sure, and managed to lock-eyes with my lens more than once.  He was snuggled, and tried on a few hats, and didn’t seem to mind at all!  By the end he was sleeping in my basket, which made it hard to leave… 🙂  I’m so excited that he’s on the First Year Program, because that means we will see him again at the 6-mo and 12-mo mark.  Enjoy!

When your cousins are in town from California, it’s time to have some photos taken!  Skylar & Taryn were so grown-up, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  And the last time I saw Samantha, her brother Joshua wasn’t even born yet…!  But I’m so glad they setup a little photo-session, because they were so much FUN.  Enjoy!

There are some clients that you just “click” with — and form a real friendship with.  This family is one of them, and I was thrilled to be seeing them all.  They are thoughtful, caring, and have a faith that I admire so much.  Their girls are just lovely spirits, and I can hardly believe that Ryder is now done with the First Year Program!  Remi is so funny, and was all about silly sounds for this session.  Toddlerhood is so great! 🙂  Enjoy your photos, and I hope to see you all again soon!

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