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My second session today was with a special little boy named Mattias (pronounced mah-TIE-us)!  I have been friends with Erika for years now — we met at my previous Marketing job.  She is just one of those people that glows, all the time.  So I love to see her and her husband Jason together because they are just so happy!  And even more so with their new little guy.  We had a great time just laughing and chatting — and watching all of the faces Mattias could make.  I cannot wait for his 4-month session, but in the meantime here is his SLIDESHOW!





Through a friend-of-a-friend I found this great t-shirt website, and once I saw a design that matched my brand colors I just had to purchase one for not only me, but the hubby too.  I must have been multi-tasking, because I ordered the wrong one out of two options!  Luckily Andy (the owner/founder of the company) was totally cool, and agreed to meet me so I could trade for the right ones — little did he know that he would be subject to a "parking-lot shoot"!!  He did awesome — and I want all of you to check out his website.  Not only do the shirts feature unique designs, but you are supporting a worthy cause!  Check out the montage of Andy below — and be sure to go to the website INTERWOVEN THREADS since they are adding a new shirt design soon!  Tell him where you found the site, so we know how much impact you all can make!


This morning I got to visit Tonya and Caleb at their home for a maternity shoot!  Their little guy is due in mid-November, but she has been put on strict Dr.’s orders to rest and relax until it is birth time.  So we wanted to get their shoot on the schedule as soon as possible!  We went all over the house — even some shots in the nursery that already had the KSU-nightlight in place!!  I cannot wait to meet Jackson you two — and here is your slideshow!






A lot of seniors select the park location — but for those that want something a little different we head down to the art district for that urban-edge!  That is just what Katie did — and it was a family affair!  Mom, both sisters and brother all came down to be her entourage…and it was a blast!  Katie did all of the things that I asked her — jumping, laying on the ground, crawling into doorways — and she was awesome.  And of course we had to do a couple of pictures of the sisters — check out her SLIDESHOW!





What a GREAT time I had with this couple — after a not-so-good experience being photographed by another photographer, I really wanted to make sure that they had great images that they could look at today, AND years from now and completely love.  They chose the downtown area for their session which is so exciting and new — and they were even willing to do a little extra walking for some cool graffiti!  I felt bad making one of those images black & white since the artwork was so cool.  I love their wedding colors (chocolate brown and granny-smith green) AND their song.  I cannot wait for your wedding in March you guys!

HERE is the slideshow!






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