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Some people have been asking why I made the switch to a new blog — and of course there are lots of reasons!  But there are a lot of great photographers out there that I respect and admire that also use this site — so I KNEW that it would be a good one!

A friend and fellow photographer — Millie Holloman:

A couple of great girls (Sara and Mel) that I met in Atlanta, Whitebox Weddings:

And of course the photographer that I hired to shoot MY wedding, Lauren Clark:

So for those of you that love blogs, I have given you three more to check on a regular basis!  And remember, we all LOVE comments, so leave one soon!! 

After a long-time dedication to my FIRST blog, I decided that it was time to use a more versatile site that can show bigger pictures of my work!  Let me know what you think of the new digs, and I will be adding more cool stuff to this blog as I go along.  Of course, tomorrow I will be posting Kara & Clay’s wedding from Friday!  For now, here is a little sneak preview (and they are in the brand new header for the new spot)!_H5A9610a.jpg

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