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You saw the little preview of the two images taken for Tiffany & Michael’s Wedding Session, and the following night was their reception here at home for family and friends!  It was an intimate gathering at the Deer Creek Club, with this close-knit family sharing the happiness of their marriage.  They were married in a temple in CA LAST Friday, had their honeymoon, and then came back to celebrate their union!  Below are some favorites (mixed together the wedding session and the reception), and their SLIDESHOW IS HERE for you to enjoy!






Did I mention the cake-smashing?  WOW!



So I photographed the wedding of Jenny & Ryan yesterday — and WOW was it beautiful!  I am posting a quick sneak for everyone, because I have a couple more shoots today.  So stay tuned for all of Tiffany & Mike, then Jenny & Ryan, and finally images from my two sessions today coming soon!!



I couldn’t wait to post a couple of the images from Tiffany & Michael’s wedding session yesterday — so here it is!  This evening I am photographing their family & reception, and I will tell you all about them on the full feature!!




I just love when I get to watch a family grow over the years — and this is one of those families.  I have had the honor to photograph their family portrait each Fall, and recently they added this adorable little guy to the mix!  HERE is the slideshow!




Of course his big sister Grace wanted to get in on a couple of pictures — and with a face like hers I just couldn’t resist!


I was so excited to meet this little girl — and I cannot believe that she is already 10 weeks old!  She was born right before my wedding day, so we had to take her baby pictures a little later than normal — but WOW was she expressive!  Mom told me that her tongue sticking out is something she gets from her Dad… 🙂  Her SLIDESHOW IS HERE, and a few favorites below!

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