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All of my blog-followers out there — get ready for LOTS of entries!  Six portrait sessions and a wedding — all since Friday — so there will be a lot of pictures and slideshows in the next couple of days! 🙂

Friday afternoon I met my former college-roomie and her family out at the park for a family portrait!  And it was so great to not only see her & Josh again (it has been since their wedding!) but to meet little Gabriel.  Talk about a happy baby — just smiling all the time, and curious about everything around him.  And I love the song that Anne picked for their slideshow which is RIGHT HERE…enjoy you guys!


Did I mention how much he loves to fly??? 🙂



Last Saturday it poured — and I mean raining so loud that Jenni and I had to shout at one another because the water pounding on the roof of my car drowned out our voices!  And we had plans for outside pictures with the wedding party — but mother nature and a nod from above parted the clouds and gave us a perfectly beautiful day just in time to start.  Stephanie & Zach knew they wanted amazing pictures, so they agreed to see one another before the ceremony.  This gave us time to go to Union Station, and really have some FUN!  The red colors were so vibrant, and I loved her red shoes…and there are SO many that I love from this wedding — here are the ones that really just stand out, and their SLIDESHOW set to their first dance song!



I am in LOVE with this shot — all natural window light with a ceiling light that illuminated her hair/veil — goregous!



The latest ring shot — inspired by Nate Kaiser of the Image is Found!
For you photogs out there, this image was lit by my assistant holding a Sunpack video light to camera-right!


This morning I got to see one of my sweetest clients, and her little baby Hannah!  I photographed the whole family last Fall, when Peggy was still pregnant, so I was so excited to get to meet her.  She is just so cute — and more of those amazing blue eyes that I can hardly force myself to make black & white!!  And did I mention she is a flower for Halloween?  That flower-hat is just SO adorable!  HERE is the slideshow — same day Peggy!!






I have had a LOT of requests for information around BOTH of these things — and I wanted to put some designs out there and the cut-off date if you want your holiday cards before Christmas!  The final design must be approved by December 5th, and no later — so if you are thinking about getting these cards start planning!  Request the information brochure and I will e-mail it to you right away.  These are fine-art cards, available in art, linen or satin paper — and they are a wonderful surprise for friends/family who are used to the typical cards!

AND — if you order your cards before October 31st, receive 10% off!!!







All card colors/text are completely customizeable by you — or let me know if you have something in mind for a totally different design! 

Welcome the newest member to the Baby’s First Year program at Peters Photography!  So now all of you will get to enjoy seeing her grow as the year continues…which is SO much fun.  It was at the end of last month that we photographed Mom’s belly and now here is a beautiful little girl, that did so well for all we put her through!  You may remember that Mom wore the hat she is spilling out of for the maternity shoot — and since Sisarea (sis-ah-REE-ah) is a Halloween baby we had some fun with the pumpkin & candy!! 🙂  HERE is the SLIDESHOW!



Even though I am a KSU grad, I agreed to photograph her in this gear… 🙂


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