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Tara was looking for a session that would really showcase the relationship with her sweet 2-year old Lex…and I think we accomplished it!  This is my last session before Maternity Leave, and I was so thrilled to go out with a BANG! 🙂  I know I would absolutely cherish images like this with my own daughter…and I cannot wait for her to see them.  Thank you Tara!

After a handful of reschedules, the weather finally somewhat cooperated with us so we could proceed with this little guys’ 6-month session!  While he wasn’t too interested in looking at the camera, he was fascinated by all of his surroundings at this park.  The bridge over water, the wild flowers, and even the basket we put him in.  It was so adorable watching him look around in pure wonder!  I cannot believe the next time I see him he’ll be 1-year old…so exciting… 🙂

Since my maternity leave is just around the corner, we bumped this little cutie’s milestone up a little bit…and she decided to show us that she could SIT UP SOLO for the first time on that afternoon!  It was so exciting, and all of us clapped/cheered for her like she’d won a gold medal! 🙂  I love this family for their kindness, thoughtfulness, and their complete trust in me when I say “Meet me at this random building and then we’ll drive to this little roadside-spot for some flowering trees…”  It’s just so amazing!  I cannot wait to see you all again at the 1-year, where this cutie will likely be standing…perhaps even walking! 🙂

Weren’t we just photographing the lovely Christine with her adorable baby bump???  How is that bump, Everett, now One Year Old?!  We met up on such a perfect photo day, and with actual SPRING weather (which is such a great change from what we’ve had)…and the kids were pretty darn happy.  Perfection!  I love seeing both of these siblings grow and change so much, and they have the sweetest personalities to boot.  I will miss seeing them all on such a regular basis…but I look forward to seeing them again in the future!!  🙂

I was so excited to meet little Kate — and apparently SHE was really excited to meet the world too!  She decided to make an early appearance, and her family is thrilled to have her in their arms.  Big brother Maxwell is so pumped, and he even managed to hold her fairly still for a few images (which is really hard)!  I’m thrilled for everyone in this crew, and look forward to more sessions with Kate over the coming year…congratulations!

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