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After a few reschedules thanks to Cold Season, we finally hit a day where everyone was well AND the sun came out!!  It’s a Holiday miracle I tell ya… 🙂  Emily setup this lovely spot in her backyard, and after I danced around like a monkey for a bit we wandered around to the side/front yard for more.  Eleanor enjoying throwing leaves on her little brother A LOT, and Sam just prefers to crawl around on his own.  Can ya blame him??  I cannot believe the First Year is done for this sweet guy…but what an amazing session to end with!

There are some families, where the sessions are just absolutely relaxed and “magical” in a way.  That is the case for Hunter and his crew!  I swear, every time we have set a photo date, the boys are amazing, and even the newest member Hunter fell right into place!  We used a gorgeous red tree across the street, and the rest of the images were taken just having fun in their home.  I cannot wait to share their images…enjoy!

It was a COOOLLLLDDD day for a photo shoot.  Yet with Noah, Mila and Emmett wrapped in blankets between photos they were just fine!  I love that this whole crew trusted me to try a new spot for this season, and that they proceeded in 40-degrees… 🙂  A few family snuggles, and a big of dancing by Fall-colored trees worked so well to bring the smiles!  I cannot believe how big these kids have grown over the past few years, and I know they are so excited to see their images.  Thanks Amy!

I absolutely love shooting in new spaces…and Lori had the idea to shoot in their new neighborhood on a lake!  There were plenty of trees, creek-crossings, and lovely color everywhere.  Not to mention the most wonderful light… 🙂  So we just walked and stopped at all of the various locations and captured some GREAT images of this family.  It’s always fun to see them — even if it had been a LONG time — and the kiddos rocked the chilly temps!  I do believe my reflector is on the ground there somewhere, so maybe they’ll find it the next time they take a walk together… 🙂

BRRRRR it was a very cold afternoon for this session — but again, the whole family pushed through and did amazing!  Baker has the same amazing hair his big brother did at that age, and Ava brought along a dinosaur that somehow snuck into several of the images… 🙂  There were lots of hilarious outtakes from their photos, because these kiddos have the most expressive faces!  It was a blast, and I love seeing them each year.  Enjoy!

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