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A lot of seniors select the park location — but for those that want something a little different we head down to the art district for that urban-edge!  That is just what Katie did — and it was a family affair!  Mom, both sisters and brother all came down to be her entourage…and it was a blast!  Katie did all of the things that I asked her — jumping, laying on the ground, crawling into doorways — and she was awesome.  And of course we had to do a couple of pictures of the sisters — check out her SLIDESHOW!





What a GREAT time I had with this couple — after a not-so-good experience being photographed by another photographer, I really wanted to make sure that they had great images that they could look at today, AND years from now and completely love.  They chose the downtown area for their session which is so exciting and new — and they were even willing to do a little extra walking for some cool graffiti!  I felt bad making one of those images black & white since the artwork was so cool.  I love their wedding colors (chocolate brown and granny-smith green) AND their song.  I cannot wait for your wedding in March you guys!

HERE is the slideshow!






As you all know I was extremely busy this past weekend, but I got to start Sunday morning off with a couple that I adore — Deborah and Nick.  I photographed their wedding years ago (film and non-blog days), and it is a day that I will never forget!! *wink*  Now that they are expecting little Sisareah mid-October, I couldn’t wait to photograph her in the last few weeks before the arrival.  They have a beautiful house with huge windows — so everywhere we went there was amazing lighting for all of the images!  Your slideshow is HERE you two, and I cannot wait to meet her!  (sis-AH-reah) πŸ™‚





Today I will be shooting Kathy & Brad’s wedding in Lawrence, and tomorrow will be Elizabeth and Kyle’s turn in Waverly —
so I thought that I would do a quick personal post of random things before we get back to business (including three portrait sessions on Sunday)!!

This week we had a little bit of fun down at the Crossroads — to see the Samples (here is my previous post with pictures from the old blog)!  It was a little more "jammy" than I typically like, but it is still always great to see those guys.  They played with Railroad Earth, whom I had never listened to.  It was a really great night of Bluegrass, and it is a cool new concert venue!


And yesterday — I parted ways with my KSU license plate.  I have had it since graduation, and decided that it isn’t worth an annual trip to the DMV.  I want to be able to pay online, and I can’t do that with this license plate.  But they made me give it back!  So I had to take a self portrait with it right after I borrowed their screwdriver to take it off — yes I got a lot of weird looks from the people in the VERY LONG LINE… πŸ™‚


So I am off now — there will be LOTS to show in the next several days, so come back soon! 

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