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I have had a LOT of requests for information around BOTH of these things — and I wanted to put some designs out there and the cut-off date if you want your holiday cards before Christmas!  The final design must be approved by December 5th, and no later — so if you are thinking about getting these cards start planning!  Request the information brochure and I will e-mail it to you right away.  These are fine-art cards, available in art, linen or satin paper — and they are a wonderful surprise for friends/family who are used to the typical cards!

AND — if you order your cards before October 31st, receive 10% off!!!







All card colors/text are completely customizeable by you — or let me know if you have something in mind for a totally different design! 

Welcome the newest member to the Baby’s First Year program at Peters Photography!  So now all of you will get to enjoy seeing her grow as the year continues…which is SO much fun.  It was at the end of last month that we photographed Mom’s belly and now here is a beautiful little girl, that did so well for all we put her through!  You may remember that Mom wore the hat she is spilling out of for the maternity shoot — and since Sisarea (sis-ah-REE-ah) is a Halloween baby we had some fun with the pumpkin & candy!! 🙂  HERE is the SLIDESHOW!



Even though I am a KSU grad, I agreed to photograph her in this gear… 🙂


I cannot believe how much this little guy has GROWN!  I mean, wow — look at his NEWBORN SESSION!  I love seeing them change, and it is always fun to see your good friends turn into great Mom’s… 🙂  He is such a happy baby — and has his Mother’s beautiful blue eyes.  They are SO blue, I felt bad making ANY of the images black & white…but here are the favorites, and his Slideshow!



Outside in the bumbo for the first time… 


Check out those LEGS!  Gotta love baby-rolls… 🙂 


Can you believe this RAIN today!  I had to cancel two shoots today which is no fun — but at least I can post more images from previous sessions while I am stuck inside… 🙂 

My last session on Sunday was so much fun — Lauren & Brian!  They are going to be tying the knot in June, with a beautiful reception at Union Station.  I tailored the slideshow to match her wedding colors — I know that it will be gorgeous in photographs!  Here are some favorites, and as always the SLIDESHOW!!





Sunday was a big day for sure — my second session was with a group of people that I am happy to call friends.  You may remember little Lucy from her 1-year session, and Miss Norah from her newborn session back in July!  Well, the families wanted to get something special for the grandparents, and pictures were a great gift.  We focused on the little girls and their grandparents, and I think we captured some great moments with the family!  Since most of this crew attends Winfield (the camping/music festival) there was extra pressure for me to select their song — but I think that the final selection fits perfect…enjoy the slideshow HERE!





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