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This week I only posted twice — and for all of the faithful readers out there I know that this is unacceptable!  There have just been so many great things that I have been working on for the best clients in the world (I am a little biased)!  The holiday cards are so wonderful, and I love that each person has put a little bit of their own spice into their cards.  So, on with the randomings…

Last week my favorite UPS man walked up with a few boxes of new equipment — and this is always really exciting!  The first being a new camera, the Canon 5D!  I shoot with the Canon Mark II for weddings, because it writes to two memory cards at the same time (which is completely necessary with a wedding JUST IN CASE) — but I thought for portraits maybe I would let my little workhorse have a break!  And I have already messed with some of the custom settings — this image is straight outta the camera — can you believe the crisp/contrast of this black & white with NO Photoshop??!! 


And with the cold weather upon us — my unnatural obsession with Chai tea rises to a whole new level.  I believe that I have had about 8 this week alone!  My absolute FAVORITE place to get a Chai is Caribou Coffee — you can’t beat it anywhere!  Although Mom and I got one at Black Dog Coffeehouse and it is a VERY close second… 


Finally — this week Mom & I did a bit of Christmas shopping (hence the coffee house trip) and I bought some beautiful light-green glass ornaments.  I am in LOVE — so this year the typical gold/red color scheme of my home is going to get a little mixer! 🙂  Enjoy the little picture below — and I hope to have a place that you can download it as your desktop wallpaper shortly! 


Yesterday brought a slight chill in the air, but combined with the Fall colors everything seemed just right.  April with her infectious laugh, and the way Brian looked at her as they walked through the park for this session is what makes my job so amazing.  I have known Brian since he was a wee lad, and April I just had the pleasure of meeting on the volleyball court!  These two are getting married in Jeff City, and they are going to have truly happy lives together…you can just tell when you watch them!  Enjoy your slideshow here guys, and thanks for the song suggestion!






My second session on Sunday — well, yesterday — was with C.C. and David, and I love when a couple stays close like they do!  I don’t think that I had to ask them to get closer, even ONCE!  They had a lot of fun out at the park, and I think that it really shows in their images.  They are getting married next September in Nebraska, so I cannot wait for their Garden wedding!  The first image below I am trying out some new textures I recently purchased — so I expect some comments and feedback readers!  Here is their SLIDESHOW!!  Oh, and I cannot wait for those cookies… 🙂





Sunday I had two shoots — and I got to start with a fabulous Party!  That’s right, lots of little ones running around at a Puppy Party for little Eliza!  The cuteness was overflowing at this house, especially when the kids got to decorate their very own puppy ears!  I got there a little early for some family photos, and portraits of the adorable Birthday Girl.  Here is her SLIDESHOW, set to one of Mom & Dad’s favorite songs (and they get bonus points for the band choice TRAVIS)!





Well, I didn’t actually do this running, but when I got home from my hair appointment with Kim at Salon Allure (she also did my wedding day hair for all you brides out there and it was amazing!) I came home thinking about BANGS.  And finally, I grabbed the scissors and just did it myself!  Crazy — yes.  But I love the result, and here is a quick look at my new color AND cut!


t h e   B u z z
R e c e n t   B l o g   P o s t s