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When Audrey’s mother told me she wanted to have an Alice In Wonderland portion for her daughters 1-year session, I was ALL IN. I knew I had a few pieces, & the perfect little dress was ready to go! We selected a somewhat “magical” location, and Audrey did the rest! Hard to believe we’ve documented her first year already…it was always such a BLAST. Thank you guys!

You know it’s meant to be when the one hour you have a session, is the one break in rain for the evening! Claire has the best little scrunch-nose smile, and she thought I was pretty darn crazy. We played on the chair, tickled her nose with some tall grasses, and had a blast chasing her around the park!

I am so so SO happy that the red-hair we could see on her newborn head has remained! Just look at this adorable sweetheart walking around the park…she’s such a doll! Brother Noah loves her so much, and loves to tickle her to get those giggles. It was a lovely day, and I cannot believe she’s “graduated” from the First Year Program already!

I vividly remember BOTH of these girls as tiny babies…and each year I see them I can barely believe my eyes. They are growing up SO FAST, and I am so lucky to document a small part of it! The skies were threatening clouds, but I’m so glad we proceeded…because it was a perfect Spring day with blooming flowers, and happy kiddos!

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