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When a couple requests to incorporate the pool hall they work at, PLUS their new motorcycle, you know the session is going to be a blast! After playing a quick game…because they’re really good…we made our way to the park for some more “traditional” images as well. These two were completely adorable together, and I wish them the best for their California wedding!

Coordinating an extended family is HARD, but this crew managed to do it for an early morning session with me! When the heat index says 98, moving the shoot to 8 AM is the only way to go… 🙂 We captured all of the combinations with this crew, and they were great sports. I know they’re super excited to see them!

How old is your LinkedIn profile image? Are you thinking about making a job/career switch? Having a professional image of yourself is a big piece of the puzzle these days…and they don’t have to be the standard “gray backdrop” look that initially comes to mind. Think differently, and have an updated photo of yourself ready!

I’m not sure, but I believe I found a tiny UNICORN in the park on this particular morning!! Sweet baby girl is already three months old, and with two big brothers to keep up with…she’s ready to roll. Literally. As in some of her first rollovers happened on the blanket last week! Next session she will be six months, and I cannot wait to see the advanced moves she’ll have by then!

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