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The first time I met with this family, that sweet girl gave me a shy, unsure smile. I could see in those blue eyes that we were going to have some fun, as long as I let her snuggle Mom and Dad a bit more… πŸ™‚ We played outside, and incorporated a QUICK Santa hat image to boot! It went so well, and I couldn’t wait for her parents to see the results!

Thank goodness for reschedules…isn’t something I normally say. Especially in the Fall season! But the weather decided to be awful for the original date…so when I texted Mandy she also mentioned that her daughters dress hadn’t arrived in the mail either. And once I saw the dress on our rescheduled date I LOVED IT! The kids were SO good, and we had a great hour in the park together. Seriously, a blast…they are getting so darn big!

The weather forecast wasn’t great — but we decided to proceed anyways. It couldn’t be THAT bad right? It was pretty cold, but we could be quick with just one 6-month old! We started shooting and that’s when the ice-rain started…ha! But it turned out just fine…by snuggling together and keeping Miss Audrey layered she did amazing! I adore this baby-girl, and the images we got that day… πŸ™‚

I thought it has only been ONE year since I saw Vega last, but no! TWO years had passed, and she is essentially a grown-up now… πŸ™‚ We basically started around downtown Olathe, then drove West a bit to get Nature in some images too! And how about a smoke bomb just for fun? She rocked this session, and I could’ve kept shooting for hours more!

Oh my goodness — chasing Laney through the tree farm was HILARIOUS! She was having the best time running between those evergreens, and stopping here and there for some snacks. A little kids dream, as she twirled in her dresses and donned necklaces that she loved! We had to chase her a bit, but that laugh is one of the best in the world. I have the most amazing job!

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