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Has everyone noticed how lovely the weather has been this entire Fall?  I mean…really.  It could not be more perfect!  And did you also know that M&M’s are fabulous incentive for a 2-year-old to cooperate for photos? 🙂  Luke & Jack have sure grown up a LOT since their newborn session, and can I say that they are some of the most smiley guys ever?  Olivia tolerated my antics, and even cracked a smile here and there for me!  This session was a victory all around… 🙂


The last time we did a whole-big-family session was many years & kids ago — so it was definitely time!  If you could see the craziness that happens behind the camera to make this happen…it’s quite the spectacle.  But whatever it takes to get those smiles!  And when Grandma has a reward of suckers at the end, kids can do a LOT for that prize.  Thank you all for being so much fun, and allowing me to photograph your amazing family!


The last time I saw Emory, she was just 9-months old…and WOW she has grown so much!  She was telling me about everything she could, and we had a stuffed Barney to help out too.  Apparently he is so loved, that there’s a second one at home named is Ebay!  You can gather why… 🙂  I am always so excited to see families that I know well, and these three are just great people.  Thank you for asking me to capture your family, and enjoy your images!


Sweet little Hudson — you opened your eyes here and there to see what was going on, but for the most part you slept through the Newborn session!  Big sister Olivia was full of smiles, and we managed to contain that under-2-energy for a few family photos AND some with her new brother.  She adores her Big Sister book, and wanted to test the new crib a bit for “safety” I’m sure.  It was a pleasure working with this family, and I cannot wait to share their images!


The years are flying by — and these two have been photographed by me since COLLEGE.  I don’t want to share how many years ago that is…but I find myself thinking about their engagement photos (on FILM) taken on KSU’s campus.  Look at how amazing their family is!  Did they ever imagine these two great kiddos in their future, way back then??  I love it, and I am so appreciative that they ask me to continue being the family-historian… 🙂


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