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I adore the connection between Emily and her furry friend…they are thick as thieves, and bring one another so much JOY! It made my job easy, and Aggie enjoyed lots of treats/smells as a reward for a photo shoot… 🙂

Wrangling 3 kids (I’m told) is one of the hardest things to manage…but this Momma is DOING IT. Her and the crew were on time, looked amazing, and I remember thinking that now it was MY turn to take the reins and create some amazing images. Do young kids love to take photos? Mostly no, but that is where I come in! Brett is uber-independent right now, and likely for the foreseeable future…but I managed to trick him into smiling and having some fun… 🙂 Kate is smiley as can be, and I can hardly believe that she’s halfway to one year already! Let’s see some images…

Another sweet boy has graduated my First Year Program…and this time he brought the best scrunch-nose smile EVER! He was so much fun, and I love seeing him laugh with Mom and Dad. But grass…don’t even talk about grass with this kiddo. He’s not a fan, but a blanket can fix that right up for photos! Until next time big guy! 🙂

Another First Year program has just ended, and Bowie brought the BROWS to this session…ha! Seriously they are the best, and uber-expressive! Of course we have smiles too (yay!) but I could look at those brows all day. Monroe was her usual burst of energy, and she is showing Bowie her way in the world for sure! Thank you all for such a great 12+ months… 🙂

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