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Many years ago, I was the lucky photographer at their beautiful wedding…and now, they made a treck back to KS and managed to plan a photo shoot at the same time! I was thrilled, and meeting their boys was a blast. They are so funny, and the connection that began as TWO, definitely continues as FOUR… πŸ™‚

When two siblings have always shared a special bond, you feel so lucky to witness it time and time again. I just adore this family together…they have the most genuine smiles, and always bring FUN to their photo shoots! And this time, we were able to be in the Sunflowers…which is very special indeed… πŸ™‚

The last time I saw Isa, she was little…I mean, it was over TEN years ago! So when she walked up for her Senior images, I was blown away by this young woman standing before me! Her eyes glow with kindness, and she is planning on going into Dermatology…I cannot wait to see her future success. It is an HONOR that I was able to document this amazing time for you, Isa! πŸ™‚

We laughed at how different the world looked when we captured Elsie’s 6-month images. The virus was just beginning, and we were wondering how it was going to go. How much has changed in such a short time! But the best part of this session, was watching Harvey take care of his little sister. He helped her take some steps, and climb some too! Hard to believe her Program is complete now, but what a session to end on!

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