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Wow — the time is already here for Kate to be a full year old?! We were supposed to shoot the day before, but the weather was windy and gloomy. But just 24-hours later and we had the most PERFECT Spring day! The boys even had a good time running and digging through the fields…while Kate smiled at all of us almost the whole time. What a way to end her First Year Program!

One of my very first sessions after the shut-down, was this amazing family of five! Hannah was a little bit older than our original plan for this 2nd session of her First Year, but those smiles made me happier than anything! We ran around outside, the older siblings are still loving on Hannah more than ever, and I got back to doing something I love so…very…much…!

We had grand plans for a Maternity-session, combined with Henry’s 4-year photos…but COVID had other plans. But I was so glad that this family was willing to proceed with a “newborn” session in their front yard to make-up for lost time! Kate is so sweet, and her brothers are going to be fierce protectors before we know it. Welcome to the world Kate!

Are you ready for one of the most squishable faces EVER?! Prepare yourselves…because Ryan has cheeks that you simply cannot resist! We had this session out at the Nelson, before everything shut-down…and it was just in time to snag that 6-month milestone! How adorable is this little family?! I can hardly believe her next session will be one…whole…YEAR…!

When you’ve photographed a group of siblings…all since they were newborns…the final First Year session for the last baby is so bittersweet! Tommy has always had a calm happiness about him, and while I was putting together his composite (fave image from each of the sessions) I couldn’t help but notice those joyful eyes! Tommy-tom, you are the sweetest little guy, and I am so honored I was able to watch you grow so much over the first 12-months!

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