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It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was working with Brittany for her Senior photos…but apparently it HAS been awhile because this lovely young woman stepped out of the car for her ENGAGEMENT photos! I couldn’t be happier for her, and instantly adored Brandon and his 100-watt smile. He’s such a great guy, and the two of them together were absolutely perfect. It was an honor, and I hope your wedding day is the BEST!

I always love meeting new families, and this one has set the bar really high moving forward! The weather had threatened rain most of the day, but in the afternoon the clouds parted and actually let some sun sneak through the clouds just for us. But the best part was how fun they all were together. We laughed, they were silly, and I hope they love these images as much as I do. Sending lots of love to them all!

This Spring brought lots of brightly colored blooms to the local trees, but finding the right set of trees (safe for kids, convenient location, facing the right direction for sunlight) can be a challenge! But this family has known me for so long, they didn’t blink when I threw out a neighborhood address at a small playground… 🙂 There were just a few trees that had the bright PINK, but one had grown almost horizontal! Which made it the perfect spot for little kids. Everett grew so much between his 6-mo and 12-mo sessions, and I cannot wait to see the next round of changes by 18-mo!

The last session I did with the flowering Spring trees was with KATE! We may have changed the shooting-location a few times, but it was totally worth it (in my opinion). There were pink AND white trees, and lovely overcast-light to work with! The session even ended with a pink cake for Kate to get messy with — and she loved it. I laughed at Max throughout, and can hardly believe how BIG he is these days. On to the photos!

It’s the best feeling in the world when someone trusts you 100% on a location for photos. Even after you send a drop-pin for this little field in the middle of a neighborhood…these two were game! You see there are just a couple of trees that grow amazing flowers in the Spring, and the sun comes through them in the most perfect way. How fitting to document the baby girl that will join this family, with blooms! I cannot wait to meet this little one soon… 🙂

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