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The last time I photographed Carey & Cole was their wedding day — around 10 years ago!  I always picture an image from that day of Carey in her gown, standing in front of the door of their church, the wind forcing her veil straight into the air above her head.  Her smile is the best!  Now there are 3 little girls in their lives, and I was so excited to meet them all.  Not to mention this is their FIRST family photo together!  The day was lovely, and the girls have smiles as bright as their parents.  Not to mention, Carey and Cole still have that wonderful way they look at one another from the wedding day!  Delaney, Maeve & Aibhlinn are a lucky little trio… 🙂

I have been photographing this family for years — and every time I meet up with everyone, I’m completely blown away at how grown-up everyone is!  Penelope is definitely going to be a manager/director someday; she had all sorts of ideas on the art direction for these photos, and I loved it.  We walked around their lovely property for all of the various images, and to end the session I had the three young girls just play in their rooms.  It was nice to let them do what they love, in such a personal space!  These images will serve as a time-stamp for this year, and it’s a part of why I love photography so much… 🙂

When relatives contacted me about a special gift for Teryn and Jordan, my heart melted just a little bit.  How thoughtful to provide a couple of photo sessions to the expecting parents?!  Now Teryn wasn’t super excited about having Bump-photos, but after a quick 30-minute session (& posting some sneaks) I think I won her over… 🙂  I cannot wait to meet their sweet baby girl in just a few weeks for a Newborn session!!  Enjoy!

  • Trish Schartz - Gorgeous photos! Can’t believe you took the pics. Joel Price’s mom and I are best friends! Have seen your great work with the twins. Small world! ❤️

  • RPeters - I just saw this comment — what a very small world indeed!!! 🙂

Vega may only be 10, but she has this amazing sense of calm when it comes to being in front of the camera.  It was just plain FUN to walk around downtown and photograph her!  Not to mention I convinced her Mom to get in a few frames as well… 🙂  I’m so excited to share all of her images, so enjoy!

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that we were photographing a Newborn Brenna?  Yet here she is, grinning and standing with the little stool-prop of mine! Her sisters were a total riot for this session, and I love how much their personalities shine in the photos.  I had to include the silly one of those three, where Sierra is completely goofy!  It’s a fave for sure… 🙂  Thank you all so much for allowing me to capture your adorable crew!

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