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Are you ready to meet the newest member of the Baby’s First Year program?! Barrett is 100% adorable, and after spending 67 days in the NICU he was more than ready for his Newborn session. The sun was shining that morning, and then as we were about to start the session a storm rolled in. While it darkened the skies a bit, I really love how it made the space indoors feel extra cozy and serene. Soft light entering the room as his parents held him and looked into those amazing eyes. They hope he takes after Dad’s green eyes…we will see over the next couple of sessions!

Another little one has graduated the First Year Program, and wow did that fly fast! This session is one of my favorites with this family…and we go back many years (think Engagement, Wedding, etc). Ellie was all about helping me carry things to the shoot, and didn’t even flinch when I pointed out a momma spider carrying her thousands of babies with her… 🙂 Kate is a fast-walking machine, and has to fend-off the big-sister snuggles on the reg! I adore these girls, and can hardly handle them getting so grown up!

To say it was humid would NOT do this day justice…but lucky for us a few clouds and sprinkles made an appearance half-way through the shoot! Some breezes even managed to dry a bit of the sweat! But this family ALWAYS keeps a smile on their face, and I had an absolute blast with them. I see my own daughters when I work with Quinn and Fiona, and I love that’s it just a little peek down the road for my world… 🙂

I think that Tommy should be nicknamed “Smiley” — because he has this wonderful grin that you cannot resist! The older siblings were troopers at the park, and really great listeners when I asked them to hold Tommy, snuggle closer, and be silly when needed… 🙂 How have all of them grown so fast?! Until 8-months Mr. Tommy!

When there’s 3 hours of traveling involved in a photo-shoot, you simply pray for Mother Nature to cooperate. Well Sunday morning was a DOWNPOUR, so we knew photos couldn’t happen…but by the afternoon the clouds parted, and luckily this crew hadn’t left town yet! We shifted our plans a bit, and made our way to a spot for the most wonderful weather…both at a park and on the land that they will eventually call home. I adore that sentimental spot!

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