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The family that laughs together, has a FUN photo session together!  We wandered all around Liberty Memorial for this session, and I think the boys had the most fun exploring/climbing/running anywhere those feet could take them.  I can hardly believe Grant is so big (I remember one of his baby sessions in overalls like it was yesterday)…and Brett is right on his heels for sure.  We did something really awesome for Amy at the end of this session, but you’ll have to wait for those to be revealed… 🙂

Have a Star Wars fan in your life?  Then this is the Newborn session that they’ll want to see!  Cole was such a sweetie for ALL of the photos we did — he managed to sleep through most of the session, with wrap-changes and hats too!  It was quite amazing…and I adore the images of him as Yoda with the whole crew… 🙂  I’m thrilled to document this little guy over the next 12-months on the First Year Program, so in the meantime enjoy the tiny bundle!

Sweet little Mariella — at the start of the session she just wasn’t into it, but a little bit of food and she was ready to go!  Sleep wasn’t on the agenda, but those bright-eyes are just so lovely.  Her older siblings are just so sweet…Nora has been through this before, but Matteo is new to the change, and apparently likes to help gently burp his new baby sister! 🙂  I cannot wait to see her grow over the next year, so see you all very soon!

I love finding new spots for photos — and this barn/soy-bean field was exactly what Lorna was hoping for!  I remember BOTH of her boys when they were newborns, and now they are just so big I can barely believe it.  How has that much time passed?!  The session was relaxed and fun, and I absolutely adore the images…thank you guys so much for having me photograph your lovely family!

Hilarious, is the word that comes to mind when I photograph this family every year.  Corralling 4 kiddos to be smiley and still, in a certain spot can be challenging, but they all do it even if just for a few moments!!  I just cannot believe how BIG they are getting.  Seriously…it’s crazy!  Their Christmas card each year is the best…and there are already some great ideas coming together.  Love your crew, and thanks for always making me laugh!

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