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the S Family | Lifestyle Session

Photographing a friend, who happens to be a wonderful photographer, brings on a pressure that I cannot describe.  You want to do your absolute best!  But I was excited for it, ready to push myself further into the world of shooting “Lifestyle” images, that really showcase a family as they are, in those small in-between moments.  After posting a handful of sneaks, Stacey posted the words below to his wall…and I cried.  Because as any creative person knows, you put your HEART into your work.  Once it’s released to the world, you can only hope that it’s loved and treasured.  I was so overcome by his words, I have to put them here.  For a day when I need a pick-me-up, and to express how important family photos really are!  Thank you Stacey, Jennifer, Gabe, Malachi, Canaan & baby-Zeke for allowing me into your world, and being a complete joy to document!

“So we needed photos of the family. I’ve been wanting something close to my own style – documentary, at our own house, led (mostly) by the kids. I need to make sure we have photos of the kids with me included, and that’s kind of hard to do if you’re always the one shooting. (And even harder if you’re really not shooting anything right now, but that’s another story…)

So we asked my friend Rebecca to come shoot us. She texted a few of these to me yesterday. I was truly speechless. Her talent shined through so strongly in these images as she caught our true selves.

But perhaps what surprised me the most was how she was able to capture my kids in a way that I can’t. Maybe they allowed themselves to be more vulnerable with her. Every artist’s eye is unique, and I’m so thrilled to have someone else’s take on the most important people in my world.

People. Take the time to have your family photographed. Let down your guard and allow them in to your real world.”

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