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When something momentus happens — such as a graduation — family comes into town to celebrate.  Is there a better time to have a photo session!?  Beth has completed her Master’s degree, and being she is one of my favorite clients I could not be more excited for her.  I cannot imagine being a Mother of two, working full-time, and getting my Master’s all at the same time!  I have a lot of respect for this amazing woman.  There is a CHANCE that they will be moving away from KC (No no no!), so she wanted to have some images with her whole family at a Kansas City landmark.  Her little ones are just adorable, and with their gingham dresses and matching lunch-boxes I was having a hay-day.  Alegría has always been the ladybug (1st B-day), and Paz the bumblebee (her b-day)…how cute is that?!  Congratulations to Beth, and I cannot wait to see you out on the internet more often now! 🙂


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