Grace | 18-Month Session + Family

I love that we have done all of Grace’s sessions on her family’s land.  The red barn is a part of her life, and therefore it is perfectly suited for her images.  While we were supposed to take her one-year in the Winter, Mom really wanted to wait for the Spring…so we did!  And her family was going to be in town for the first-ever-whole-family-photo with the little ones.  Everyone rallied, and we got it done!! 🙂
Let’s go back and look at the previous sessions:  Grace at Newborn | 4-Months | 8-Months

Enjoy her 18-Month slideshow here!

rpeters_grace18mo_001rpeters_grace18mo_002rpeters_grace18mo_003rpeters_grace18mo_004rpeters_grace18mo_005rpeters_grace18mo_006Then it was time to bring out the rest of the family — sisters/brothers/nieces/nephews/grandma/grandpa — everyone!
rpeters_grace18mo_008rpeters_grace18mo_009And just for fun, I thought you would like to see a “behind-the-scenes” image of what we were doing to attempt an image of the grand-kids laying on a blanket (which didn’t actually happen).  It was pure comedy, but once that didn’t work a chorus of  The Itsy Bitsy Spider did the trick… 🙂

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