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You know football — but did you know there is a Women’s Professional League of Football?  Not long ago I flew out to Nashville, TN to watch my great friend play a serious game of football with the Chattanooga Locomotion.

Schandra and I became great friends our senior year of high school (yes, 1998) and after graduation went our own ways to school.  But through all the moving/life changes, we have remained close friends.  I always know when I go see her, or if she is in KC we will instantly pick-up where we left off.  She is an incredible person, that people want to be around.  Not to mention an AMAZING athlete… 🙂

I am by no means a Sports Photographer — especially when my auto-focus on my lens decided to not work this particular night.  Manual-focusing sports-action!!??  Yeah…but I will have a slideshow up of TONS of images as soon as one of the players gets me their Team Song.  Great stuff to see!

Dave and I had a great time out there with you gals…hope to see another game soon!

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