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On the way…

It is late, and I am pretty tired…but I HAD to post one image from today on our walk-a-bout.   View full post »

Scenery in Oregon

I love that the PhotoGirls retreat is held in a different location each year — and so different from Kansas.  How hard canView full post »

Dontcha just love it when…

…you finish cleaning up the house for client pick-ups, and thought it would be easier to leave the dog outside than have himView full post »

the wonderful Etsy, and Sugar Booger Designs

I have always loved handmade things — and been amazed at the talent that some of my friends have in creating pieces of art or homeView full post »

Mentoring Sessions or Mini-Workshop?

There are so many people that are wanting to start their own photography businesses, or just learn more about photography.  IView full post »


new location — new senior — awesome results!cannot wait to show you more from this session…View full post »

Guess who I saw today…

…and he is already One Year Old!!!  His t-shirt says it all…View full post »


But only for a few days — yes, it is that time of the year for the PHOTOGIRLS!  The crew is gathering back together —View full post »

Scenery, via a point-and-shoot G10

Even though Whistler/Canada was a HUGE trip, I really did not want the bulk of my SLR on the trip.  I was taking a lot of boardingView full post »

Happy Belated St. Patty’s!

What happens when you place 12 photographers in a big house, all with multiple cameras and ideas?  On St. Patrick’sView full post »

Uh, Spring?

When I returned home late Saturday night from the wedding, I had to do two things; 1.  Shovel the driveway.  With 6View full post »

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