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the Chattanooga Locomotion

You know football — but did you know there is a Women’s Professional League of Football?  Not long ago I flew out to Nashville,View full post »

the “e” family

I love working with families…especially when they are a family full of so much love like the “E”‘s.  It is amazingView full post »

NYC Comedian/Actress/Singer | Miss Wendy Ho

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of working with Wendy Ho — and we had a heckuva time at her photo shoot!  Wendy is a talentedView full post »

my past several days

FRIDAY MONDAY TUESDAY TODAY A wedding, and all of these (+more) features coming ASAP!View full post »

Marquee | Commercial II

Today I had some fabulous subjects…they listened to me, and were perfectly still in front of the camera…here they are! 😉View full post »

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