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Lucy | 1-Year Session

The end of Lucy’s First Year has come and gone — and I am still in denial!  Those gorgeous eyes are still as curious as ever,View full post »

carson | 8-month session

It was a very cold, dark, rainy/sleet-y/hail-y day — but you would never know it by looking at this little guy’s smile!  CarsonView full post »

Oakley | 8-Month Session

When this KS weather was teasing us with hints of Spring, I had a session with the happy Miss Oakley.  She started off unsure of what weView full post »

Avie | Newborn Session

I will never forget the wedding day of Lisa and David — which involved a whole lotta love AND one of those late-season weatherView full post »

Harrison + Winston | Newborn Twin Session

When it comes to twins, they tend to arrive when they feel like it — and Harrison & Winston felt that they were ready for anView full post »

Beckham | 1-Year Session

And another Baby’s First Year has come to an end…(teardrop)…and of course I love to go back and reminisce. Beckham isView full post »

James | 8-Month Session

At his 4-month session, James was a bit stingy with his smiles.  But not this time!  He was laughing, playing the drum with my bucket-prop,View full post »

Hadley | 8-Month Session

When I presented the idea to take some photos outside…in the snow…and cold…I thought Mom would think I was crazy. View full post »

Luke | 4-Month Session

Sweet little Luke — your expressions are priceless, and I cannot believe how much you changed from your Newborn session.  I’llView full post »

Peighton | Newborn Session

Oh the stories I could tell about this little girl’s first photo shoot…we laughed so hard!  But for Peighton’s sake, IView full post »

Cooper + Cohen | Newborn Session

It seems like just yesterday I was chatting with Mom and Dad about the twin boys that were coming after the new year…and now they areView full post »

Breanna | Newborn Session

Mom has been waiting so patiently — all day for these images! Meet the newest member of the Baby’s First YearView full post »

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