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Finn | Newborn Session

To say I was excited when Jill contacted me about her pregnancy, would be a drastic understatement.  It is an honor to be chosen as theView full post »

Courtney | Newborn Session

It is so wonderful to see my wedding clients, become family clients…and that is the case with Elizabeth and Tim!  They were marriedView full post »

Addison To | 1-Year

See what I mean about all the 1-year sessions?!  So many of the babies on my First Year program are “Graduating”!  sniffView full post »

James | 1-Year Session

One of the coolest things happened on this photo session with little James — he stood up, out of the blue, on his own, for the VERYView full post »

Ellarie | 1-Year

I met Ellarie and her family in the morning last week, and this little girl is just beautiful!  She was hungry for breakfast, so with a fewView full post »

Ami + Del | 1-Year Session

Remember how I said there were lots of little ones reaching their 4th and final portrait session in the Baby’s First Year?  Well hereView full post »

Oakley | 1-Year Session

Lots of little ones are ending their Baby’s First Year program, and Oakley is one of them…sniff!  Tatum has some incredibleView full post »

Carson | 1-Year Session

Another Baby’s First Year came to an end recently, however this family will be starting ANOTHER one soon!  They are expecting babyView full post »

Avie | 4-Month Session

When I walked in the door and saw Avie at 4-months old, I could not believe my eyes.  She has changed so much!  And this time she was readyView full post »

Luke S. | 8-Month Session

I love the 8-month sessions, because most of the time it means heading outdoors for the first time in the Baby’s First Year!  LukeView full post »

Brock | Newborn Session

When we started the session, Brock wasn’t too sure he was ready for a close-up — but after a little snack he was dreaming-awayView full post »

Harrison + Winston | 4-Month Session

The stars and planets must have aligned just right for Harrison and Winston on picture-day — because they both either sat calmly inView full post »

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