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Category Archives: Baby’s First Year

Avie | 4-Month Session

When I walked in the door and saw Avie at 4-months old, I could not believe my eyes.  She has changed so much!  And this time she was readyView full post »

Luke S. | 8-Month Session

I love the 8-month sessions, because most of the time it means heading outdoors for the first time in the Baby’s First Year!  LukeView full post »

Brock | Newborn Session

When we started the session, Brock wasn’t too sure he was ready for a close-up — but after a little snack he was dreaming-awayView full post »

Harrison + Winston | 4-Month Session

The stars and planets must have aligned just right for Harrison and Winston on picture-day — because they both either sat calmly inView full post »

Amelia | Newborn Session

Photographing Amelia yesterday for her newborn session was like Deja Vu — for sure!  She looks so much like her big sister McKinleyView full post »

Peighton | 4-Month Session

It seems like just yesterday I was photographing Peighton’s newborn session — and I blink and here she is at 4-months old.  HerView full post »

Lucy | Newborn Session

Last week I made a trip out to Manhattan to visit a sweet little girl named Lucy — at just 7 days old!  She was a model-baby, whoView full post »

Hadley | 1-Year Session

Mother’s Day was extra special this year — with a photo session for Miss Hadley!  Can you believe this sweet little girl isView full post »

Breanna | 4-Month Session

Yesterday I walked into Breanna’s house — excited to see how much she had changed since her Newborn session.  I was blown awayView full post »

Brody | 8-Month Session

8-month sessions are my favorite — they are old enough to sit up by themselves, but not really walk-around (aka, get away from theView full post »

Grace | 18-Month Session + Family

I love that we have done all of Grace’s sessions on her family’s land.  The red barn is a part of her life, and therefore it isView full post »

Cooper + Cohen | 4-Month Session

It was time to pay a visit to the twin baby-boys again — and I just love to see them becoming their own little person!  CooperView full post »

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