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Miles | 1-Year Session

Talk about a happy little guy — that would be Mr. Miles.  Wow!  He can walk, babble, and likes to taste-test anything that he can getView full post »

Caroline | 1-Year Session

Oh Caroline — it was not really your day for the camera this time was it? 🙂  Every once-in-a-while, this does happen.  SheView full post »

Brixon | 1-Year Session

This has to be one of the fastest First Years that I’ve ever had.  Brixon is already one-year old!  Didn’t we just pose him inView full post »

Jack | 8-Month Session

One thing that I will always remember of Jack, is him as a tiny baby in this sweet monkey hat at his newborn session.  Well look at himView full post »

Amelia | 4-Month Session

Are you ready to see some AMAZING hair on a little girl??  Because Amelia is ROCKIN’ some serious volume! 🙂  What  a sweet and happyView full post »

Rowan | 4-Month Session

Nothing melts my heart more than a smiling-dimple…and if you are lucky this guy will show you TWO!  Rowan was as happy as could beView full post »

Nolan | Newborn Session

There’s a sweet new family on the First Year Program — and if the first session is any indication of how AMAZING this year isView full post »

Harper | 8-Month Session

Harper, Harper, HARPER!  You are growing up way too fast little one!  She is happily sitting up by herself, and didn’t mind when weView full post »

Neal | Newborn Session

Carrie & John’s wedding day doesn’t seem like THAT long ago — but wow I guess it was 2009!  And how excited was I toView full post »

Nicholas | 1-Year Session

Last week I was able to see Nicholas for his final Baby’s First Year session — at 1-Year old!  And what a little man he isView full post »

Nolan | 8-Month Session

Nolan is so big — look at this guy!  He’s sitting up and taking in the sights of the world through those gorgeous blue eyes. View full post »

Cooper | Newborn Session

When Jeremie told me that she was READY to have this baby…I knew that she was serious about it.  But then read his birth-stats on herView full post »

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