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Ryder | 8-Month Session

I think that the award for toughest-8-mo-old needs to go to Ryder.  The temps were in the lower-40’s, but the weather isn’tView full post »

Sylvia | 7-Month Session

Despite the threat of colds for these sisters, we all decided to push forward with the photo session — and I’m so happy that weView full post »

Matteo | 4-Mo Session

Oh Matteo — your sweet face was such a welcome sight last week!  This guy has the most wonderful eyes…and his family loves himView full post »

Luke & Jack | 6-Mo Session

Has everyone noticed how lovely the weather has been this entire Fall?  I mean…really.  It could not be more perfect!  And did youView full post »

Samuel | Newborn Session

It is incredibly flattering and humbling when a fellow artist (that you admire very much) asks you to create for them.  Emily is aView full post »

Teddy | 1-Year Session

The third little one from this family had his last First Year Program session — he’s one year old now!  Teddy is justView full post »

Elise | 1-Year Session

Having understanding clients really makes all the difference in the world — take for example when you place the correct date, butView full post »

Cole | 1-Year Session

This time of year is literally perfection…the leaves are JUST starting to turn, and the temps are crisp in the morning and lovely inView full post »

Nicholas | 6-Mo Session

Nicholas is keeping-up with the smiley little guy he was at the Newborn session…smiles for days, and just so happy!  That argyleView full post »

Emery | 4-Mo Session

We blinked and realized that it was time for Emery’s 4-month photos — whoa!  So early in the morning we met up at the Memorial,View full post »

Lucy | Newborn Session

Walking into this family home, for newborn session #3, it was very nostalgic!  And when I saw little Lucy’s face, it felt like I wasView full post »

Fred | 6-Month Session

Sweet little Fred — that toothless smile is the stuff that happiness is made of.  You are mostly sitting on your own these days, andView full post »

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