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Boudoir Sessions

I have had a great deal of interest for these shoots over the past couple of months, so I thought I would do a quick post about them, and how you can sign up!  If you are interested, you must e-mail me  to see some samples of recent work, as those are not posted on this blog.

1.  What is a Boudoir shoot?
Typically this is a shoot that a female does for her significant other, wearing some of her favorite lingerie and other fun things that incorporate what he enjoys/hobbies (baseball, hats, ties, sports, motorcycles, etc).

2.  Where do these take place?
Most often they are done in your own home, when he is not there (if you want it to be a surprise).  If your home is not an option, there are various NICE hotels that rent by the hour.  The Marriot on the Plaza is one of them!

3.  Do I have to *gasp* be nude?!
NOT AT ALL.  These are all about you, and what you are comfortable with.  That definition is different for each client, so wear what makes you feel the best!

4.  I have been married for years, is this good for anytime or just newlyweds?
Anytime at all!  Some clients surprise their grooms the night before the big day, and others are giving their custom books as an Anniversary gift.  It is up to you!

5.  What does the session include, and what is the cost?
The same portrait pricing applies as listed on my website.  You can either opt for the 20 proofs of your choice (to keep) or for an additional charge have a hard-cover custom designed Gift Book!

6.  I am nervous, is this normal?
YES!  All of the girls in the past who have done this are nervous at the start, but I promise you it will be a lot of fun, and a gift that your man will truly love.  I am working on some client-feedback from previous ladies, so you can hear it from them!


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