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Watson | 1-Year Session

It was COLD on Watson’s 1-year session day, so we jumped in and out of the house for a little variety (and to keep him warm)!!  I can barely believe my eyes when he’s walking around, “reading” books, and using words.  Wasn’t he just a little baby?!  It’s time for him to graduate the First Year Program, so of course I had to look back at his first three sessions… :)

Watson at:  NEWBORN | 4-MONTHS | 8-MONTHS | And now ONE YEAR!


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Watson | 8-Month Session

Mr. Watson, I must insist that you stop growing up, and stay a sweet baby boy for awhile longer.  How about if I said PLEASE??? :)

It was quite warm for this adorable guy’s 8-month session, but I was so excited to capture his first outdoor pictures.  We met up at the Nelson (where Mom & Dad had their Engagement Session done) and wandered the grounds with a mission to capture smiles.  Not to mention those amazing blue eyes!  Mission:  ACCOMPLISHED!  And Stan got to be in the spotlight a bit too.  It’s only fitting, seeing as he was the first “kid”!

Enjoy his slideshow here!

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Watson | 4-Month Session

I love dogs — especially when they are so incredibly sweet to a baby that your heart wants to burst!  That is Stan…and you may recall he was featured in some images at Watson’s newborn session as well.  Well Watson still has those deep-blue eyes, and while he DID make us work really hard for the smiles, that face is just too precious for words.  I also love that we were able to feature the family headboard (you’ll see the gold-detail in the background) which is not only beautiful, but a family piece that goes back generations!  This is one of the many reasons I love to have sessions in the home… :)

Enjoy lots of sweet faces & family images in the slideshow here!

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Watson | Newborn Session

I was SO excited for this Newborn session — not only was I meeting baby Watson, but I was working with Ellen of White Table Style!  She is half of the blog-team, and they have all sorts of amazing ideas on their lifestyle blog.  Be sure to check it out!

Watson was a calm little guy, but not interested in going to sleep at all.  But that’s OK  because those bright eyes were a wonder!  And I have to mention Stanley-dog.  What a sweetheart!  The images with him are some of my favorites.  Ellen did an amazing job on the nursery-decor, so I had to photograph the details.  I look forward to this little guys’ First Year Program…it’s going to be wonderful!

Enjoy his slideshow here

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Beau | Newborn Session

It hasn’t really hit me yet that Watson is a BIG BROTHER…but Beau is here, and he’s incredibly handsome!  The weather was beautiful so we ventured outdoors for a few images…the only problem is getting Watson back into the house — he loves “Outside”.  Beau was a total champ for the session, and Dad used all of his secret tricks to get him asleep for the last images.  It’s always a pleasure seeing this family, and I couldn’t be happier for them to be growing their family!

Enjoy a slideshow of my favorites here!


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