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After some covid-related reschedules, I was thrilled to finally meet-up with this crew…and their animals…for a family session! The weather was pure perfection, and the furry ones did a great job too. It was a pleasure, and I cannot wait to share the whole set with you today!

  • Rhoda Anthony - Fun photos

When your neighbor has a stunning, well-kept yard, you absolutely use it for family photos! I’ve been photographing some of this crew for MANY YEARS…you may even recognize Zach from his senior session not long ago. They did such a great job, and Bill didn’t even grumble (too much)… ๐Ÿ™‚

On an early morning, this whole family coordinated a big session…and MOST of the participants were on board. However the littlest guy had other plans, and while he didn’t love every moment (honestly, most kids don’t!) we managed to sneak several smiles into his photos! I wanted to still include a couple sad images of his face, because SOME day this family will look back and laugh at those tears… ๐Ÿ™‚

These are some of my FAVORITE people — and I always look forward to seeing them each Fall! Nora had a hand written note for me about being excited for photos (heart-explosion) and Ivy couldn’t resist some sneaky smiles in there too. Plus we were able to capture the Sunflower field fun!!

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