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A few days after Helena, it was twin-brother Thomas’ turn in front of the camera! He wanted to stick to Lawrence, so we wandered around Mass street for his shoot.  Quick and painless, just as I promised him… 🙂  He has a great smile, and just like his sister is destined for success.  You may just be looking at a future Pilot!  Thanks again Thomas, for being 100% on board with all of my crazy ideas!

As we were shooting Helena’s Senior photos, we started calculating how long I’ve known her and her family…and we guessed around 8 or 9 YEARS.  She was just a kid when I first met her (& her brother, who will be posted next), but now she is this amazing, intelligent, beautiful girl that is going to do amazing things in the world.  She is absolutely into the arts, so I had a perfect spot in mind just for her.  We walked around downtown and created some really fun images!  It was an honor…thank you Helena, and enjoy your senior year!

When Emily let me know they had a new puppy waiting for them, I instantly knew they had to have some photos taken!  Meet Aggie (after Aggieville in Manhattan), and get ready to fall in love… 🙂  She has the best little head-tilt when you talk to her, and while she may be small she is a go-getter!  I loved walking around the park with these three, & we reminisced a bit about their wedding day.  Remember when Willie the Wildcat made a guest appearance at their reception???  They run purple for sure…thank you so much for letting me play!

The last time I saw these cuties in front of my camera, they were brand new babies.  Mom and Dad were just learning what “parenthood” means, and have basically done an incredible job with those now BUSY toddlers!  I loved chasing them around on this lovely morning, and some of the silly, in-between moments are actually lots of my favorites!  It was a pleasure, and thank you for asking me to capture your adorable family… 🙂

Each session is memorable for its own reason…but this one…well, let’s just say something SLITHERED over my ankle while I was on the ground shooting.  And my reaction was to grab it and THROW IT.  Away from the kids!  It was incredibly crazy, but the “show” must go on.  HA!  Kate has some of the most beautiful eyes, and such a sweet smile!  It was pretty darn HOT on this particular day, but everyone rallied and even made a stop at the sunflower field to end the shoot.  I think the kids were OVER IT by then, but it was so lovely… 🙂

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