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Oh my goodness, are you ready for an ADORABLE family session?! Bowie has changed a TON since his newborn days, and has some of the best expressions EVER. Can you tell he is hugged/kissed a lot?? He grins, and watches his big sister Roe in complete awe…it’s adorable. I know a couple of these are ready to be printed as a canvas!!

Didn’t we just capture Violet’s Newborn Session? What do you mean a whole 12-months has passed since then?! Here she is, walkin’ and snackin on Cheerios like a big girl…and being fiercely loved by her big sister… 🙂 Hazel was ready for her close-up in the studio, and would jump in to give Violet a hug between takes! I love this crew, and cannot wait to share the images!

There’s something I cannot put into words, when I’m asked to document each child in a growing family. I can remember all three of these older kids as babies, and now they are holding the fourth little bundle in their arms. It’s wonderful, and humbling, and I feel so lucky that all of these sweet kiddos will have Baby’s First Year Programs to look back on!

By the time a third baby is welcomed into the home, parents are pretty calm in the chaos of a “first photo session”…and these two were no exception! The big sisters were excited to have someone new in the house, but even MORE ready to hold their baby brother. And wow, they did amazing with Kian. He was so chill through a few props too, and I’m so thrilled to share the images!

Ivy has one of the best open-mouth-smiles I’ve seen…and I couldn’t stop with the up-close photos of her amazingness! How is she already 6-months old? We were just taking her newborn photos when I first decided to try some greenery…and here we are. Nora is a riot, and had me laughing the whole time! It’s always a joy, and I cannot wait for the 1-year session… 🙂

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