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Baron wasn’t really feeling the whole “photo” thing, but I managed to chase him a bit and he let out the slightest grins…I’ll take it! Sophia rocked her dress/poses, and after a quick 40-minutes we were done. I’m counting on Baron to bring his A-game next time… 🙂

Brock stepped out of the car, and he’s almost as tall as ME…does this mean next year he will be taller?! Bryce has the same smile that I remember from being little, and Brett thought that he was going to escape my camera for the playground…not this year dude! 🙂 This was the second session this season that ended with rain, but I’m so glad we got all of the images done in time. I adore this family, and cannot wait for them to see these boys’ smiles!

I photographed this couple’s Engagement, Wedding, and then the birth of their first son! I was so excited to see them again, AND meet their daughter. The weather was threatening, but we decided to keep going with the session…and at the end the skies opened-up and we were left to race through the rain for cover! I wish we could’ve caught-up a bit more, but the most important thing is we captured many fun images of this close-knit family. Thank you all so much!

I met two of the sisters on a yoga-shoot, and instantly knew they were my kind of people. Relaxed, quick to laugh at themselves (and each other), and just so kind! So I was thrilled when they booked a duo-family session (plus the third sister for a couple images!) — and it did not disappoint! I laughed so hard, and the Dads tolerated our requests without complaint (but a few sarcastic comments that I thoroughly enjoyed)… 🙂

When Kristin asked if we could do a few images featuring McKinley’s first pointe shoes…I about fell over. And I knew that she had some amazing feet, but WHOA! What a fun way to end the family session! Cohen was not really into the whole photo-thing, but we tricked him into some smiles and even had the family “cry” together with him…ha! Amelia still has that twinkle of mischief in her eye, but when she snuggles her momma it’s 100% love! It’s an honor to have shot this family for well over a decade… 🙂

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