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The weather forecast wasn’t great — but we decided to proceed anyways. It couldn’t be THAT bad right? It was pretty cold, but we could be quick with just one 6-month old! We started shooting and that’s when the ice-rain started…ha! But it turned out just fine…by snuggling together and keeping Miss Audrey layered she did amazing! I adore this baby-girl, and the images we got that day… 🙂

I thought it has only been ONE year since I saw Vega last, but no! TWO years had passed, and she is essentially a grown-up now… 🙂 We basically started around downtown Olathe, then drove West a bit to get Nature in some images too! And how about a smoke bomb just for fun? She rocked this session, and I could’ve kept shooting for hours more!

Oh my goodness — chasing Laney through the tree farm was HILARIOUS! She was having the best time running between those evergreens, and stopping here and there for some snacks. A little kids dream, as she twirled in her dresses and donned necklaces that she loved! We had to chase her a bit, but that laugh is one of the best in the world. I have the most amazing job!

When your Niece and Nephew-in-Law are expecting their first child, you know you need to do something special for them. I had passed this small tree farm, and reached out for permission to shoot there, and it was even better than I’d hoped! These two are going to make the best parents, and I cannot wait to meet their sweet little girl!!

The sweetest little group of kiddos were gathered for their photos…but sometimes, the youngest needs a pair of cool, blue sunglasses to cooperate. No worries…I can hide it here and there…but I LOVE these memories during a photo shoot. Because it will not be long until they are all grown/cooperative just due to age…and we can laugh about those sunglasses being placed on the tree (getting him to walk that way) or being gripped so tight by his small toddler-hand. It’s a season of time that I adore!

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