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When a client trusts you completely…and you say hey, I’ve found this tiny line of trees in a random neighborhood that are glowing…then they agree to drive across the city to meet you there? That is TRUE LOVE. I’ve been documenting this family since the beginning…engagement, wedding, and all of the babies that have become a part of their story. I adore spending time with them, and these images are some of my fave!

Covid may have delayed his Six-month session, but oh my goodness did little Ben make up for it at his 1-Year! He brought all of the smiles, and sense of wonder for the park we chose for these photos. Fred was full of energy (as a young boy should be) and loved getting the chance to throw rocks in the creek! We will see you again at 18-months Mr. Ben, and I cannot wait!

You will soon see how much FUN these two are together — the laughter they share is the BEST. I’m sure you remember Baby Huk’s post on here, and now they have brought along his bear to keep him close for family photos. He will be watching over this family as they welcome baby girl very soon!

When Amy and I were scheduling this session, we were both shocked to realize that somehow we missed last year! So I was thrilled to see them again, and these kids that are growing like weeds. Wow! They were excellent listeners, and we had the session complete in under an hour. Just look at their GLOW!

I remember photographing amazing young lady when she was a baby…back when I was a new photographer shooting 35MM FILM. Imagine how shocking it is to see that tiny human walk up for their session as a graduating Senior?! There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to this family, for trusting me all this time to document so many amazing milestones. Thank you!

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