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There are some families, where the sessions are just absolutely relaxed and “magical” in a way.  That is the case for Hunter and his crew!  I swear, every time we have set a photo date, the boys are amazing, and even the newest member Hunter fell right into place!  We used a gorgeous red tree across the street, and the rest of the images were taken just having fun in their home.  I cannot wait to share their images…enjoy!

It was a COOOLLLLDDD day for a photo shoot.  Yet with Noah, Mila and Emmett wrapped in blankets between photos they were just fine!  I love that this whole crew trusted me to try a new spot for this season, and that they proceeded in 40-degrees… 🙂  A few family snuggles, and a big of dancing by Fall-colored trees worked so well to bring the smiles!  I cannot believe how big these kids have grown over the past few years, and I know they are so excited to see their images.  Thanks Amy!

I absolutely love shooting in new spaces…and Lori had the idea to shoot in their new neighborhood on a lake!  There were plenty of trees, creek-crossings, and lovely color everywhere.  Not to mention the most wonderful light… 🙂  So we just walked and stopped at all of the various locations and captured some GREAT images of this family.  It’s always fun to see them — even if it had been a LONG time — and the kiddos rocked the chilly temps!  I do believe my reflector is on the ground there somewhere, so maybe they’ll find it the next time they take a walk together… 🙂

BRRRRR it was a very cold afternoon for this session — but again, the whole family pushed through and did amazing!  Baker has the same amazing hair his big brother did at that age, and Ava brought along a dinosaur that somehow snuck into several of the images… 🙂  There were lots of hilarious outtakes from their photos, because these kiddos have the most expressive faces!  It was a blast, and I love seeing them each year.  Enjoy!

Last year at this time, I was photographing Ethan’s Senior photos on their home property.  This Fall, it was time for the whole family to be in front of the camera, and I just knew it was going to be an awesome time!  Everyone is incredibly welcoming, and this family just has a lot of FUN together.  It made my job such a blast!  We walked all over the land, and I have to hand it to 4-week-old Isabelle for doing AMAZING in the cold.  I’m sure all the family snuggles made it all worth it… 🙂

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