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I remember photographing amazing young lady when she was a baby…back when I was a new photographer shooting 35MM FILM. Imagine how shocking it is to see that tiny human walk up for their session as a graduating Senior?! There are not enough words to express how grateful I am to this family, for trusting me all this time to document so many amazing milestones. Thank you!

Sometimes rock-throwing is fun, and other times it ends up with a little blood-shed…thank goodness Wyatt is a tough kid who was able to push through for more images! I love watching these boys grow up, and their closeness is such a joy to witness. Hard to believe they were all babies not long ago!

Sometimes location just JUMP out at me as I’m driving — and this time, it was while I was heading TO their session! It was this glowing bean-field, that I knew would be perfect towards the end of the session…and now it might be my favorite place. This year the family has added not one, but TWO puppies to the mix! So they were included… 🙂

I love finding new hidden-spots for photo sessions, and my sister was up for being my “guinea pig” for this years photos! And Rupert the fur-baby was included this year too…the kids were AMAZING, and this session was my favorite so far for the year. Can’t wait to bring more people to this location!

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