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When you see a family each year, it’s an amazing feeling…that they trust the documentation of their family over such a long time.  And that trust is something that I always appreciate and treasure.  Take this year, when I asked Kristin to meet me at…a BANK.  “Just trust me…there is this amazingly colorful arbor and some incredible trees by a parking lot over there!” and she didn’t even flinch.  It was absolutely stunning, and these kids are just so darn big I can barely handle it.  GAH!  Enjoy!

When I look at these boys, I instantly flash-back to when they both were BABIES…which makes it even crazier that they are energetic kids who LOVE to wrestle these days!  How can that much time have passed!?  But it’s bittersweet, because I also just love to see them grow every year.  They are insanely awesome, and it’s an honor to document their annual portraits… 🙂

When you can incorporate a little bit of “tag” into your session, it’s a guarantee that the smiles will be BIG.  Emory has grown up SO MUCH since I saw her last…I can still picture that shy little 9-month old.  They were willing to hike around some serious MUD that wasn’t supposed to be at this spot…but the locations beyond are worth it!  Thank you all for trusting me, and hearing “just one more spot” more times than I should have said it… 🙂

This family brought the SASS downtown for their annual photo session — and I love how the tulle/fur/sparkles just happen to click with the Kansas City Club not far from where we met up!  They were up for anywhere, and I think we snagged some pretty special images.  Baron is always making crazy faces, so I was thrilled to see a few genuine smiles in there… 🙂

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