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Can you believe that Miss Emery is already 8-mo!?  She was getting over a cold, with tube-surgery just on the horizon.  But you would never know it, because she is such a content little one!  Laney is so silly, and I loved catching her in sweet moments with her sister.  At the end, it was absolutely overdue for Mom & Dad to have a couple of images together…it’s just been since I photographed their wedding…. 🙂

The last time I saw Lex, she was just a little 6-month-old bundle…and now she’s standing, has lots of hair & teeth!  We met in the studio for this Winter-session, and she was just wonderful.  Her blue eyes are so full of wonder, and I can hardly believe she is ONE!  Lots of great stuff here…so enjoy!

My incredibly sweet, talented friend Cara is really amping-up her yoga teaching…which means it was time to get some photos put together for marketing & Instagram!  She came prepared with dozens of outfits and ideas, which lead to lots of FUN, and her getting the workout of a lifetime… 🙂  (“Hold it…hold it a little longer…point that toe a BIT MORE…GOT IT!”)  I love that you can hear her laugh in some of the images.  You’re GORGEOUS Cara!

TEN years ago, I photographed the wedding of Kara & Clay.  It doesn’t totally compute in my brain that it’s been so long, but imagine my complete joy when her e-mail was waiting for me to read…about how they were going to be coming back to KC for a BABY SHOWER, and wanted me to photograph their Expecting session?!  Thrilled to the max.  Neither of these two are on any social media, so it really had been ten years since I’ve seen them!  The baby’s gender is a surprise (love that) and I only wish that they still lived here so we could do newborn photos.  But I will absolutely be available whenever they bring that sweet baby back to Kansas in the future…congratulations you two!  (The last image is from Kara’s bridal session, and the link to my OLD OLD BLOG for that post is HERE!)

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