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This family are some of my favorite people — and they have grown so much since our last session! I remember we were announcing a pregnancy two years ago (plus had a new baby) and now those littles are here and walking around with their own opinions… Their land is gorgeous, and it’s always a pleasure spending time with them!

Now that Christmas is over, I can share several sessions that were a “secret” until Prints or Cards had been delivered! This one was really special, because anytime a fellow photographer asks you to document your family it is a HUGE compliment. We know the ins-and-outs of the business, and view a ton more work than an average client! So to be chosen was awesome, and we collaborated on an EPIC image for their holiday card…let’s just say, SMOKE BOMB… ๐Ÿ™‚

It was cold…windy…did I mention cold? Everett was even shivering at one point…but would you ever know that by looking at the images?! NO! These kids were so amazing, and even wanted to SWING when the photos were done…ha! Kids feel no cold… ๐Ÿ™‚ It was the last session in Everett’s adjusted First Year Program, and he is on the go ready to explore. It’s been an amazing 18-months E!

It had been a couple of years since I saw this family, and the sisters had practically doubled their height in that time…whoa! But they are still close, and I loved playing with them around the Museum. Once we were done there, we journeyed a little bit north to some Fall trees to add even MORE color to what we had already! It was a pleasure, and I cannot wait to share their images!

In the peak of busy season, if you do something a little out of your normal routine, it is crazy how quickly your brain missteps! Mine did this the morning of the Davenport’s session…I arrived at their home in time to capture the morning fog, with the plan to drive South for some archery images! When I jumped into THEIR car instead of driving my own, then placing my camera in the backseat instead of the BACK of the car like I always do…let’s just say I caused some delays…oof! But luckily they are some of the best people ever, and Mitch promised me he wouldn’t tease me next year about it (and forcing him to drive back to the house, unnecessarily)…

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