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While this Winter didn’t give us much snow, I’m so happy that Riley’s photos happen to fall on a day with lots of thick flakes!  Mom and Dad came prepared with this adorable snow suit, and Riley adored being outside standing on her own in the accumulation.  After a few quick outdoor images, we had to have some indoor as well for her big balloon!  I can hardly believe she’s graduating from the First Year Program already…that smile has been so amazing at each of her shoots!  🙂

Monroe, Monroe, Monroe…you put us all to the test the morning of your 1-year session, but I think we managed to triumph!  After a few images inside with your party-balloon, and attempting to read a book in your room, we ventured outdoors into the chilly air…because you’re an independent little one, and want to walk all by yourself!  Some super-swings into the air by Mom and Dad brought out some cute smiles, and I had to include some of those silly faces too…because they all are a part of MONROE! 🙂

I’ve been photographing this family for many years…and when Kristeena came to me with the idea of sport-theme images of her kids for their basement, I knew I wanted to do something totally unique and different!  She is the best, and completely trusted me.  So I did some studying, practiced ahead of time on a toy doll, and was finally ready to grab these shots.  It…was…amazing!  These are just one of each kiddo, but I loved them ALL.  I cannot wait to see these metal prints hanging on the walls!

Oh Simon — those bright brown eyes of yours show both joy and mischief, and I love that!  How are you already two years old?!  Weren’t we just smashing your 1-year cake at Union Station? What a FUN session this was, with your big sister Elise enjoying the fruit-snack prize right along with you.  We captured all sorts of fun photos first, and at the end the plan was for Elise to dress up in Momma’s wedding dress.  Well, she wasn’t a big fan…at all.  BUT, after a little convincing we managed to grab a couple of smiles!  Thank you R family for allowing me to document your sweet family all these years!

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