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Oh Matteo — your sweet face was such a welcome sight last week!  This guy has the most wonderful eyes…and his family loves him so much.  Nora is enjoying her role as big sis, and she was sharing her vast imagination with me during our nature walk (aka photo session).  I’m thrilled that Matteo is on the First Year Program, because now I get to see everyone again soon!! 🙂


Well look at who is WALKING these days!!  Norah could walk, but just didn’t really feel like doing it much…but watch-out world, here she comes!  I love that she still has that big smile of hers, all the time.  Well, until you try to carry her… 🙂  I loved seeing her explore the bridge, and the leaves/flowers that were all around the park.  She’s such a joy, and I’m so lucky that I get to photograph her sweet face!


Hanging out with this group of amazing humans is always a blast…especially watching these little ones grow up.  I vividly recall when Payton was the only child for a Fall session years ago, and she is now a great big sister to her crazy brothers!  The boys are all about the outdoors, with the sticks and dirt.  We managed to corral them ALL for several adorable images of the whole family, and I love this session so much!  I know momma can’t wait to see them all…so enjoy! 🙂


This family — one that is full of love, and strength that we cannot comprehend — is amazing.  While this session couldn’t have been easy without Zachary, we included his bear to show that he will always be a part of the picture.  Max was thrilled that he was allowed to throw leaves at me, and had so much fun out at the park.  Cooper-dog also brought out the smiles for everyone, and rocked a sweet Royals bow-tie on his collar.  I love you guys so much, and I hope you enjoy the images as much I enjoyed capturing them… 🙂


Emrie is growing up SO FAST…and for this shoot, she preferred to throw some rocks around vs. looking at me… 🙂  But that totally works, and even if she would look/smile for just a tiny second I was READY for it!  I love her energy, and curiosity, and most important how fun her parents are.  It was a fun session, and I loved seeing you guys again!


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