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It had been a few years since seeing this crew, and oh my GOODNESS how they have grown! The twins were just toddlers a day or so ago…and Ava? I always remember her being a toddler and wanting to hold my hand. This momma is amazing, and it was great to just chat and catch-up again. She’s so excited for her images…so am I!!

11…years…since that first Maternity session of Angie. How? Can that really be possible?!? But as we reflected on how much easier this photo session was, it is a true testament to how grown these boys are this year. I mean, I still asked them to give me some karate moves at the end (for old times sake)… πŸ™‚

How amazing is it to witness families grow through the years…? There are no words. I remember “Baby Nate” being born, and driving out South to document his newborn session….and Riley being such an adorable infant…to their wedding in Jamaica on the beach. It’s been an HONOR…and I adore how emotional Jesse gets when you verbalize how BIG those kids are getting! πŸ™‚

After a couple reschedules (thanks to Covid), I was finally able to meet this sweet family out at the park for their images! Lydia is now a few months old, and Caleb has the BEST laugh at my crazy antics… πŸ™‚ And I will have the honor of capturing their full extended family here in a few weeks as well! I cannot wait to share these images with them, so enjoy!

It was time for Birdie’s 6-Month session, but there was also an extended family gift that needed to be redeemed…so why not put the two together!? We met at the Nelson and managed to capture so many combinations in under an hour for everyone…it was amazing. And WARM for mid-October! Birdie was so calm, and just took it all in…hard to believe her next session will be one-year… πŸ™‚

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