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The original date for Grace’s photos rained all…day…long.  Sadly we had to postpone, but I am SO GLAD THAT WE DID!  Because the sun was glowing just a bit brighter for Grace, and we had so much fun together for these pictures!  She has the most amazing smile, and was game for whatever crazy ideas I had.  The best kind of shoot, right?  I know she’s so excited to see them, so, on with the show! 🙂

Every time I hang out with this family — over many annual sessions — I always think that we should get together outside of a photo shoot.  They are just great people!  Piper is this amazing little being that still loves bugs and the great outdoors.  I mean, remember her MUD photo shoot last year?!  We mixed things up on the location for 2018, and I love what we created for this trio.  Until next time… 🙂

If you ask big sister Nora, Ivy is HER baby…and there’s nothing further to discuss! 🙂  Ivy was an absolute dream, and slept through most of her photo-debut.  Which was amazing with all of the wraps/headbands/photo props!  I can only hope for Mom & Dad’s sake that this laid-back attitude continues.  Nora took some time to show me her new playhouse (build by Dad; WOW!) and it was just a great afternoon to reconnect with this family.  They are some of my fave people!

The morning started with the threat of rain, but the forecast said it wouldn’t begin until around 11 AM…well, it’s a good thing we didn’t plan on THAT!  It was pouring just as we finished.  We began around 8, and I just loved watching how Hayden crawled around the museum grounds on his own.  Which seemed impossible since the last time I saw him was the Newborn Session!  Emrie gets some of the best smiles from Hayden, that involve her running at him full-speed while shouting “HAAAAAAYYYDDEEEEEEENNNNN!” 🙂  I’m happy it will not be long until I see everyone again for his 1-year session…until then, enjoy!

Are you ready to see some amazing newborn hair?  I mean, the volume, color tones…and with that grin he is going to be a little heart breaker!
I loved meeting this family for their in-home newborn session, and their sweet daughter Evelyn is already a great sibling.  The snuggles and giggles from her — maybe concerning “stinky feet” — were so fun to capture!  I cannot wait to document this whole crew over the coming year.  Congratulations to you all!

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