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I just love when a Senior is open to any location that I’d like — and that’s just what Cody did.  I knew I wanted him to have some slightly-urban, but then nature as well!  So downtown Olathe made the most sense, where we just wandered around and found some amazing little alleys/spots…then it was Southbound to a little-known park to include some grasses/glorious sunset!  My favorite was at the end when he brought out his guitars.  Such a talent!!  I had to play with some lighting too…and he rocked it.  Thanks for trusting me on your session Cody, you were a blast!

The last time I saw this family, Lily was a BABY that we had propped-up in a basket while big sister Ava was adjusting to a sibling…so imagine how awesome it was to see both of them bound out of the car with huge smiles on their faces!  They were an absolute dream to work with…excited for an adventure-walk through the park, and ready for anything I had in mind.  I feel so lucky to document a family over so many years…was this wedding really in 2009?!  Amazing… 🙂

I believe this is year FOUR where I’ve seen this family for a portrait — and it was time to head downtown for something a little different!  Color, color, and MORE color was the name of the game, and with a last-minute high-temp they had to change their attire the day-of…ooof!  But Shawna pulled it off, and everyone looked stunning.  I know she’s anxious to see these, and start putting together their annual card…so on with the show!

The last time I saw this family was in 2013 — and not only have the kids grown leaps-and-bounds, but there’s a new little bundle of joy!  Joshua, Clara & Hannah are completely embracing sweet Lydia, and I just adore seeing it.  The temps may have had 100% humidity, and of course Fall sweaters were planned, but nothing could stop those amazing smiles.  Congrats to your family, and thank you for allowing me to document your crew!

One of my favorite families I get to see each year — by their tree — is this one.  Incredible, strong people that really inspire me in ways words wouldn’t justify!  Owen is such a sweet, expressive little guy, and I loved all of the things he had to tell me throughout the shoot.  I think his favorite part was throwing rocks in the water though… 🙂  I’m also so glad they trust me completely…as we waited for the rain to stop mid-session…ha!  Love you guys!

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