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When your cousins are in town from California, it’s time to have some photos taken!  Skylar & Taryn were so grown-up, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  And the last time I saw Samantha, her brother Joshua wasn’t even born yet…!  But I’m so glad they setup a little photo-session, because they were so much FUN.  Enjoy!

There are some clients that you just “click” with — and form a real friendship with.  This family is one of them, and I was thrilled to be seeing them all.  They are thoughtful, caring, and have a faith that I admire so much.  Their girls are just lovely spirits, and I can hardly believe that Ryder is now done with the First Year Program!  Remi is so funny, and was all about silly sounds for this session.  Toddlerhood is so great! 🙂  Enjoy your photos, and I hope to see you all again soon!

Nicholas is officially ONE, which means he has completed the Baby’s First Year program!  He’s such a laid-back little guy, and loves when his sister ROARS at him…which was a useful tool for this photo shoot.  Caroline was extra silly on this day, and had lots of smiles for me!  Both kids have been a blast to work with, so let’s jump to some images!

t h e   B u z z
R e c e n t   B l o g   P o s t s