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There’s a new member to the Baby’s First Year program — everyone meet Carter!  Such a sweet, sleepy, smiley little guy that did an amazing job at his first photo shoot!  Big sister Keira had so much to tell me about her room/books/school…it’s amazing how BIG she has gotten over the last year or so.  She especially told me about her new brother, and couldn’t wait to show me how she can hold him.  It was a great session, and I cannot wait to see him again soon.  Congratulations Amanda and Ryan!

Gathering the entire family is no easy feat…but it is ALWAYS worth it!  This crew was so much fun, and we managed to capture all of the combinations we needed in about an hour.  Which made for happy subjects all around!  This was also a day that the SUN was out…I feel like I barely remember the sun these days.  Spring can arrive any moment, right?!

There are some sessions where kid-wrangling just goes RIGHT…and when we can take a break and throw sticks into a stream, that’s MOSTLY a good thing (no mud during photos please!) 🙂
Mariella is such a smiley little girl, and I love how at just 4-mo she’s completely in tune with was her big brother and sister are doing around her.  I can completely envision how she’ll be a part of the chase before we know it… 🙂  Love seeing you guys, and thanks for hiking around the park with me!

When Nick contacted me, saying he wanted to gift a photo session to Aubree for lots of images with their boys, I was floored.  What an amazing, thoughtful gift!! We all know that mommas are typically the ones BEHIND the camera, so I loved making sure Aubree was in TONS of photos on this lovely afternoon.  The weather was perfection, and I think her boys all had a really great time running around the park and throwing things into the stream!  I cannot wait for her to see all them…enjoy!

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On the nicest day of 2018 (so far) I was so excited to see this family, and document a major milestone in their lives!  The last time I saw Brody was for his 1-year session, and now he’s potty-training and running like crazy!  He wasn’t too thrilled to be in photos, but a few tricks here and there and I grabbed those bright smiles of his. The sun was pure loveliness and I loved having a few minutes at the end with just Alysha and Nick.  Baby girl is going to be incredibly loved!

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