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I was honored to document another year of this family, and each one is better than the last!  Their wedding was TEN years ago…whoa.  The brothers are just hilarious, and tried to sneak all sorts of silly expressions into their photos…but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve!  Jackson & Landon have grown so much, and it’s crazy that I can picture both of them as little tiny humans still.  Bittersweet seeing them grow up so quickly!  What a fun session with leaves, and the iconic KC-skyline… 🙂

I  may have been on my own Maternity Leave for Everett’s newborn photos, but I’m THRILLED that we are doing a modified First Year so I get to see this family many more times over the next 12 months!  Our kids are almost exactly the same age/distance apart, which means we are going through some amazing AND crazy things together.  It’s fun discussing our bigs and littles, and it’s been a journey for sure.  Everett was a true champ in the chilly weather…perhaps it’s because his family is more than willing to snuggle him all the time… 🙂

These two are getting closer to welcoming baby BOY into their world, so I’m thrilled he is going to be on the First Year Program!!  We had a mini-Expecting session to celebrate the anticipation, and it couldn’t have been more perfect…until next time when that baby is in your arms! 🙂

When you see a family each year, it’s an amazing feeling…that they trust the documentation of their family over such a long time.  And that trust is something that I always appreciate and treasure.  Take this year, when I asked Kristin to meet me at…a BANK.  “Just trust me…there is this amazingly colorful arbor and some incredible trees by a parking lot over there!” and she didn’t even flinch.  It was absolutely stunning, and these kids are just so darn big I can barely handle it.  GAH!  Enjoy!

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