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When I first met Kristen, she was getting two toddlers ready for a mini-session before the Holidays.  Happily carrying this little baby who would be born in the new year…when here she IS!
Julia is an adorable little girl, who is totally laid-back while the chaos of her big brother/sister swirls around her.  We focused more on the family images this session, and I adore the ones of the family just being together, laughing and having fun!  It was an awesome session, and I cannot wait to see this crew again in the future… 🙂

  • Julia Mcadoo - This is my beautiful family. Love you all. My parents would be so proud of their granddaughter Kristen and Stephenand their great grandchildren. Love to all. Aunt Julia aka aunt jewie.

It seems like just yesterday I was photographing Miss Hazel as a baby…but she’s not the littlest in the family anymore!  The newest member is Miss Violet, and she’s just as sweet as her big sister was.  The weather was lovely so we jumped on the front porch for a few images, and Hazel did an AMAZING job holding her little sister.  I was super-impressed!  I adore reuniting with this crew…they are simply great people who are adding great humans to this world… 🙂

Sweet little Eleanor — you are quite the little smiler, even when we jumped outdoors in some brisk-temps!  Big sister has taken her role very serious, and does so much to help it’s amazing.  How are you already past the 4-month mark?!  You’ve got a big personality already, and I cannot wait to watch it continue to grow… 🙂

Quinn has always been such an amazing little girl to photograph and speak with — and now seeing her as a BIG SISTER is even better.  This girl LOVES Fiona so much, and could barely contain her excitement at every mention of holding her baby… 🙂  I love seeing this family, and now that they are on another Baby’s First Year program I get to see them again so soon!  Fiona slept for most of the session, until she was hungry.  Yet once she was full it was back to sleeping again!  Congrats to your sweet family! <3

Look who has made his debut into the world — just in time for his First Christmas!  Meet Hayden, the sweet little baby who did an amazing job for his Newborn session.  Big sister Emrie was so excited to show me her room and her favorite books…not to mention hold her baby brother!  I cannot wait to document this sweet guy over his First Year…enjoy these adorable faces! 🙂

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