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It was around 10-years ago that I photographed Jessica’s high school senior photos — and I’ve seen her at misc family photo-events over the years since. But imagine how HAPPY I was to hear from her, as she was looking for Engagement photos!!! While I’m retired from weddings, it was so nice to shoot an Engagement session again. Jess and Kyle have been together for a LONG time, and their connection is just wonderful.  They trusted me to drive them to some random spots around Olathe, and we had a great time.  Congrats you two, and have the best October wedding day EVER!! 🙂

It wasn’t too long ago that I was meeting Connor for his newborn session — but now he’s a BIG BROTHER to Mr. Colton!  And this little guy was sleepy as can be, allowing me to pose him on the floor, in a basket, in a bowl…it was a complete dream!  Connor wasn’t really into getting his photo taken, but after literally 8-minutes I had what I needed and he went to take his Noon-nap! Love this family…& not just because they ARE my family… 🙂  Congrats Katie and Clint!

I was so excited to see this family again — not only had it been awhile since I met them for their first session (back in May 2017), but there’s a new member of the family.  Meet Langston!  He may only be 3-months old, but he’s been a total trooper.  Not to mention some of the most expressive eyes I’ve seen in a little one so young!  Big brother Henry LOVES him, and I adored seeing their snuggles.  But the person who was able to get the best smiles from Langston was definitely Grandma! 🙂  Congratulations family!

This Spring has been anything BUT nice outside — but that didn’t stop any smiles on the day of this family’s Expecting session!  I’m so incredibly happy that they are going to welcome another little one into their family in a handful of weeks — and while I will be on my own maternity leave for Newborn photos, I cannot wait to meet baby #2 at 6-months!  Maeve is going to be an amazing big sister, and that expressive face is going to be loved by baby  boy or girl… 🙂  Congratulations you all!

Henry “Hank” had his third and final session for the First Year — and it was a COLD one!  Temps were down, the wind was blowing, mud on the ground, and Lila was NOT feeling photos that day.  BUT…with a little patience and a warm blanky it is amazing what can be accomplished!  We pushed through and were able to capture smiles from all three kiddos, more than one image of everyone looking at me, AND some of the best fun/interactive images of the family just snuggling and playing together (my favorites).  Going out on a high-note for sure…and you know, CAKE… 🙂

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