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The last time I saw these cuties in front of my camera, they were brand new babies.  Mom and Dad were just learning what “parenthood” means, and have basically done an incredible job with those now BUSY toddlers!  I loved chasing them around on this lovely morning, and some of the silly, in-between moments are actually lots of my favorites!  It was a pleasure, and thank you for asking me to capture your adorable family… 🙂

Each session is memorable for its own reason…but this one…well, let’s just say something SLITHERED over my ankle while I was on the ground shooting.  And my reaction was to grab it and THROW IT.  Away from the kids!  It was incredibly crazy, but the “show” must go on.  HA!  Kate has some of the most beautiful eyes, and such a sweet smile!  It was pretty darn HOT on this particular day, but everyone rallied and even made a stop at the sunflower field to end the shoot.  I think the kids were OVER IT by then, but it was so lovely… 🙂

While I may be retired from Wedding Photography, there is something incredibly special about Engagement Sessions that I miss so much!  Imagine my excitement when Kenny (who I’ve known for years, and photographed his Senior Pictures) contacted me to document him and Erica?!  I couldn’t wait to meet her, and just as I suspected she is lovely in every way.  The two of them laugh easily together, and bring out the best smiles in one another.  We met early in the morning, & since they are both Athletic Trainers it was IDEAL… 🙂  Congratulations to both of you, and thanks for being a bit ridiculous with me out there…it was a blast!

Carter has grown so.darn.much from his newborn session — but that is expected since he’s now creeping closer to 6-months old!  He has this amazing grin, and big sister is totally in love with him.  We had such a nice afternoon that gave me hope for FALL…finally!  It’s such an honor to document a family for so long…it seems like just yesterday I was capturing their Engagement images.  Thank you all so much!

The morning of this session happen to fall after a 50-mile trail run for Brett — where he also managed to collect hundreds of seed-ticks.  Yet he still pulled himself to these photos!  That is dedication people.  I’m just blown away for sure.  But even more was how much Mr. Ben has changed since his Newborn session!  He’s got opinions, can stand assisted, and smiles with those tiny little toddler teeth that just melt your heart… 🙂  We laughed pretty hard that morning, and I think Jenny & I hugged about 200 times.  They’re the best!

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