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This family brought the SASS downtown for their annual photo session — and I love how the tulle/fur/sparkles just happen to click with the Kansas City Club not far from where we met up!  They were up for anywhere, and I think we snagged some pretty special images.  Baron is always making crazy faces, so I was thrilled to see a few genuine smiles in there… 🙂

My annual session with this family is something that I truly look forward to.  It’s a bit of chaos, a lot of silliness, and mostly a family who really loves each other.  That’s why it’s so fun for ME!  They laugh, Mom and Dad roll their eyes, but when you ask them to get together I see zero hesitation.  Beth had this idea to head downtown near the library, and we found all sorts of amazing things in the area to work with.  Now if only we could have had the whole family ride those Bird scooters… 🙂

Since I was on Maternity Leave for Natalie’s 4-month session, I was EXTRA excited to see everyone for the 8-month!  We’ve done so many milestone images at this specific tree, it’s incredibly special.  From the wedding day, to their second child sitting below it!  Natalie was a little over her photos by the end (which is totally normal) so I had to snag the crying-shot.  I mean, it’s sad but so darn adorable!  Until one year… 🙂

This family and I go way back — and after a reschedule for WIND we had the most perfect day for photos.  There may have been some gymnastics at the end (I’ll let you guess who) but everyone was just so good about getting it done!  That’s a sign that the kids are growing up.  Maybe too fast if you ask me!  Thank you for asking me to document the whole crew again, and enjoy your images!

On a crisp morning in Kansas City, I met this family for their first photo session with me!  The kiddos were incredibly sweet, plus Mom & Dad had packed a picnic as a reward (perfect idea by the way).  We wandered the park, and I loved being silly to get those genuine smiles.  And the way they snuggled together made my job a breeze!  Thank you all for asking me to document your family, I cannot wait for you to see the results!

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