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It had been a couple of years since I saw this crew of kiddos, and WOW have they all sprung-up in height like crazy!! We wandered the streets of downtown Olathe early in the morning, which allowed some shooting on the street-mural that turned out to be some of my favorites of the whole sitting… πŸ™‚

You know that kids are growing up each year, but when they start to take direction really…well…and don’t seem to mind having photos done… That is when it really hits you! These boys have both gone through my First Year Program, and I’ve been shooting their family for over a decade. I truly love our time together, and this one ended ESPECIALLY well with a beer on the Nelson Lawn & live music… πŸ™‚

We pulled out all of the tricks, but Hannah already has a strong opinion about sleeping… πŸ™‚ Her family, the photo shoot, were all just too interesting! But it was all for the best, because she has some amazing eyes. She has joined the Baby’s First Year program, and I cannot wait to see Charlotte and Cole continue to be amazing older siblings!

For Ryan’s Newborn session, I have several favorites…yet the thing that I will always remember is Dad pulling out his own childhood E.T. doll for an image. Then Mom trying to mask her dislike of said doll, then all of us laughing about the whole setup! Ryan, I hope you like the movie someday, because Dad also has the VHS ready/waiting for you!! πŸ™‚ I’m thrilled that Ryan is on the First Year Program, so it wontt be long until we see her again!

I’ve decided it should be a rule…when you book a session with me downtown, it absolutely should end with fancy shakes from Mother-Clucker (inside of Parlor)…deal? DEAL. Jullian was being such a great son, agreeing to do photos for his amazing momma (a strong female I adore)…and I think at the end of his session he realized it was actually kinda FUN! It was so relaxed, and we wandered the city admiring murals and just catching-up…

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