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You remember two posts down — the cutest pregnant girl you have ever seen — my best friend Amy?  Well, today was the day for Calvin to enter the world!  They waited to find out if it was a boy or girl, so that made it even more exciting.  And I get to be his Godmother — a true honor!  So lets start that honor with pictures in the hospital on his true birth day!!! 





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 I will be leaving town tomorrow to shoot a wedding in the Ozarks, followed by a little more relaxing time before the big season hits…so I will return e-mails on Monday!

So last night Dave and I went to see TRAVIS in Lawrence, and it was one of those super-fun-happy shows that leaves you with a smile!  I got some fun shots, including one of Fran Healy (lead singer) jumping from the bass drum into the air — it was a lucky shot for sure!  It was also Fran’s birthday yesterday — so there were balloons everywhere, and they even had a cake and "sweets" for everyone.  It was a great show — so if you haven’t heard any of their music you should check it out!  I have them listed in the Stereo section of the blog so you can listen to some previews!!











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You may remember the pictures I took of Amy back from her before baby shower, but she is due any day now so we thought that we would make a little time to capture how amazing she looks right now!  It truly is a priviledge to capture these precious times — especially when it is my best friend in the entire world!  Here are some of her images, and her SLIDESHOW IS HERE!









Last Friday was the wedding of Kara & Clay, and these two were such an amazing pair!  You could just see the excitement in their faces to be joined together in marriage, and that always makes my job so wonderful.  Clay surprised Kara with a stretch limo to take them to the reception — and they had a wonderful video played Kara’s Mother with commentary, images, and even some cell-phone bills to prove how well these two kept in touch over the long distances!

Here are some of my favorites, and the slideshow is HERE!

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Some people have been asking why I made the switch to a new blog — and of course there are lots of reasons!  But there are a lot of great photographers out there that I respect and admire that also use this site — so I KNEW that it would be a good one!

A friend and fellow photographer — Millie Holloman:

A couple of great girls (Sara and Mel) that I met in Atlanta, Whitebox Weddings:

And of course the photographer that I hired to shoot MY wedding, Lauren Clark:

So for those of you that love blogs, I have given you three more to check on a regular basis!  And remember, we all LOVE comments, so leave one soon!! 

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