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It is such a great thing to see your closest friends start their families — and when all of your girls can be together (all but one who lives out of town!) to see the new parents in action — words just can’t explain it.  And I love that I get to capture it all, and that in just a few short months he will look so different!  We started out with some shots while he was fast asleep in his crib, and after a quick snack for Calvin he was awake for some action!

Enjoy the SLIDESHOW HERE everyone!




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At two weeks old, this little girl sure has a LOT of faces!  And totally cute shoes for when those feet are ready to take her where she wants to go!  My good friends Brian & Shelley welcomed little Norah into the world, and I couldn’t wait to capture this precious time in their lives.  They are fellow music-lovers, so the song choice had a little more pressure this time — but I think that it fits!  Enjoy the SLIDESHOW HERE of baby Norah!

The last image was our final shot — I guess I made quite an impression if she stuck her tongue out at me! 🙂 





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  • Norah | 3-Year Session @ Rebecca Peters Photography - […] month was August, and it was 2007 — I drove out to Lawrence to meet my good friends’ newest addition Norah.  That precious little girl is now a sweet and energetic 3-year-old, who loves to spot the Police […]


Everyone knew that I was out of town for the weekend, and I am busy working on the wedding images because they are just SO amazing!  This couple was so much fun, and trekked all over their outdoor location in the heat to get a lot of their shots — and a photographer truly appreciates when they see each other before the ceremony so we can get MORE cool photographs!  Here is just one, but I will post the complete slideshow, etc. soon! 

You remember two posts down — the cutest pregnant girl you have ever seen — my best friend Amy?  Well, today was the day for Calvin to enter the world!  They waited to find out if it was a boy or girl, so that made it even more exciting.  And I get to be his Godmother — a true honor!  So lets start that honor with pictures in the hospital on his true birth day!!! 





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 I will be leaving town tomorrow to shoot a wedding in the Ozarks, followed by a little more relaxing time before the big season hits…so I will return e-mails on Monday!

So last night Dave and I went to see TRAVIS in Lawrence, and it was one of those super-fun-happy shows that leaves you with a smile!  I got some fun shots, including one of Fran Healy (lead singer) jumping from the bass drum into the air — it was a lucky shot for sure!  It was also Fran’s birthday yesterday — so there were balloons everywhere, and they even had a cake and "sweets" for everyone.  It was a great show — so if you haven’t heard any of their music you should check it out!  I have them listed in the Stereo section of the blog so you can listen to some previews!!











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