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Last Saturday was SUPER hot, and we took most of the pictures outside at noon!!  I brought along some parasols to help with the heat, AND the direct sun — and I love what we got with them!  These two were so relaxed, and up for everything that I had in mind.  I didn’t even hear a single complaint from the guys about the heat!  So enjoy my favorites below (it was so hard to choose) and the SLIDESHOW IS HERE for you to see!



 Even the guys had some fun with the parasols — BLUE STEEL! 


I love the old feel of this image… 




So my girl Sara over at Whitebox Weddings tagged me for a little blog game, so I felt obligated to participate.  The goal is for me to share EIGHT interesting facts about me, and pass this along to EIGHT other photographers to do the same.  Check out the post where I was tagged HERE…and see below for my fun facts, and the people that I am tagging!

1.  I used to work at Sonic — as a rollerskating carhop!  The money was great, not to mention the exercise — until you fall down during a busy hour.  Way too embarassing for a 17-year old.

2.  I danced my ENTIRE life, even some in college.  Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, you name it.  I miss it SO much, but this leads to my next fun fact…

3.  I am addicted to the show "So You Think You Can Dance".  Watching all of those talented people on the stage motivates me to keep dancing in my own kitchen for fun!!

4.  I have never had a cavity, broken a bone, or gotten a ticket (I had to steal this one from Melissa Jill because it is true for me too!) 

5.  I have completed two mini-triathlons, and I hope to do another one soon.  It was such a great feeling to finish both times, and know that the human body is capable of SO MUCH!

6.  I love all things sugar — especially butter-cream frosting on great cake.  Why do you think I became a wedding photographer? πŸ™‚

7.  Dave has introduced me to all things Xtreme — 4-wheeling, wakeboarding and snowboarding — and he has been an amazing teacher at ALL of them.  So amazing, that I now have my own 4-wheeler, wakeboard, and snowboard… 

8.  I started shooting weddings at age 17, which is hard to believe that people were so trusting of someone so young — but I am SO glad that they did because that is how I got to where I am today! 


The next 8 victims…

Fred Egan –

Lauren Clark –

Teddy –

Krystal – 

Agnes – 

Lisa Russo – 

Anne Ruthmann – 

My local girl! Adrienne – 


Last Tuesday evening started out with a sore throat, which I thought would be gone right away.  Wednesday I woke up with severe body aches and a fever — but when the fever broke late Thursday I thought that I was home-free without a trip to the Doctor.  Well I was sadly mistaken…I photographed a wedding on Saturday and I don’t think that my body was ready for it.  Today the fever is back, along with an ear infection that has cost me my hearing for the past 3 days in that ear.  So to the Doctor I go tomorrow…and hopefully she will give me some magic pills to end this week-long sickness!!


Lots of people did not believe me when I said I have a LOT of pregnant friends this year, well the proof is in the pictures!  I put together a quick chart of my friends that were pregnant/had babies this year.  It has the Mom’s name, birth date/time, First & Middle name, and the weight!  And for those expecting, their information too!

I love seeing all of the babies together in one place, and this makes it even easier to compare all the birth weights/times!  So enjoy the in-progress charts, and I will keep adding babies as they enter the world!!


t h e   B u z z
R e c e n t   B l o g   P o s t s