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I photographed this guy years ago…and his family… and his sister’s wedding…did I mention that I love this family? And when he chose to go downtown for his session I knew that it was going to be an awesome session,  Hid Dad Mike even carried my HEAVY bag the whole time as we walked all over the Crossroads!  Jake picked the song for his slideshow, and I think he even managed to have a good time while being my supermodel… πŸ™‚  Enjoy the SLIDESHOW HERE, and the top ones below!  (Oh and family, I included your fun shot at the end of the slideshow)





Skylar is one of my favorite little subjects, and yesterday was her 4th and Final session from Baby’s First Year!  It is so amazing to watch these tiny little babies grow into people with such big personalities!  One thing that hasn’t changed with Skylar is her love for Pooh Bear.  I can always count on that stuffed bear to bring a smile to her face, and she really dove into her purple cupcake!  My favorites are below, but you don’t want to miss this SLIDESHOW!





On Friday at 6:30 I went out to Loose Park for an engagement session — and I have never in my many years of shooting out there gone so late, OR on a Friday!   The lighting was very nice — and I got some sun-flare just like one of my favorite photographers Jessica Claire!  These two are getting married on September 22 — and Steve is my husband’s cousin.  Unfortunately I cannot attend the wedding since I am shooting one already, but I wanted to at least take part in their engagement images!  Their slideshow is HERE, and favorites below!





On the way home from Warsaw this past Tuesday, we made a stop to this little guy’s home for a fun & relaxed portrait session!  Little Keaton is destined to be a rock star — and I will get to say that I knew him when… πŸ™‚  I love that we got some pictures of him sitting at Dad’s drum-set, and he really went to town trying to reach ALL of the drums by himself!  There were lots to choose from, but below are my favorites for sure.  The blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair — too cute!  Enjoy his SLIDESHOW HERE!





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